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Edward Du Cann - ( - © National Portrait Gallery, London

Sitting on the advisory board of E-Clear (AIRLINE GOES BUST; ELIA), the company run by Elias Elia, the Cypriot businessman are:

Derek Tullett, a UK financier and donor to Blair's Labour party, and Sir Edward du Cann, a former top Conservative party figure and former chair of Lonhro. ( The Sunday Times. )

When du Cann was Chairman of Lonrho, he worked alongside board directors such as British MI6's Nicholas Elliot. 45

Du Cann was involved in Tradeswind, an arms trading company in which he was a director with Tiny Rowland of Lonrho and the Egyptian, Ashraf Marwan -known as 'Dr Death'. (Project Hammer Reloaded - Part 2)

George Palaondas left the following comments on our blog:

"I am the ex president, the founder, the owner and the only investor of one million pounds in the years 2000 / 01 of e-clear before Elias 'managed' without a penny to hold gradually the company and destroys me financially. You can be astonished to know his background...

"I believe that in order to find out the real truth about the collapsed Flyglobespan and earlier collapses of other airlines related with E-Clear and to safe others to follow, the British Authorities have to examine the history of Elias Elia starting from the year 2000.

"They will be astonished to find out how the 'mastermind' Elias from a penniless person is handling now millions of money and the futures of companies. How he manages with big lies to come through every time?

"His tactics to achieve something are the same. He destroys somebody to climb up.

"The story is too long and it goes back in the year 2000.

"Lately in Cyprus Elias was threatened with a bomb exploded at his house in Nicosia for money owned for years.

"He arranged to start paying with monthly instalments.

"Lately also was 'forced' from 'special money collectors' to pay with monthly instalments 120,000 from the total of 200,000 owned to a person from the year 2002.

"If the Authorities take the matter seriously and dig deeply they will find many things. They must bare in mind that Elias is very talent to manipulate matters and unless he is forced to the limits he will not talk."


The Russian mafia have used South Cyprus as base for its operations. (Daily News - SOUTH CYPRUS; A HEAVEN FOR MONEY LAUNDERING ON ROUTE ... )

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