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Famous Romanian Alina Plugaru, Bucharest 2008. Photo by Jonathan Archer

In Romania, there has been a presidential election.


Exit polls showed that President Traian Basescu had been defeated by his social democrat challenger, Mircea Geoana.

Geoana, who is a keen supporter of NATO. He once called Basescu a "drunkard" and "head of the mafia". (BBC NEWS Europe Romanian politics mired in abuse)

The exit polls gave Geoana 51 to 52 % of the votes and gave Basescu 48 to 49 %. (President of Romania refuses to concede defeat )

Geoana seemed set for victory after he won the support of the national liberal party.

Romania by Adam Jones Adam63

The election authorities have now stated that Basescu won with 50.33% of the vote; while Mircea Geoana received 49.66%. (Romania in turmoil over poll result )

Băsescu, a former sea captain, is a pro-Pentagon politician who has kept troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Romania is said to have CIA connections.

"According to CIA officials, cited by the New York Times, 'one jail (secret CIA prison) was a renovated building on a busy street in Bucharest, Romania'. (European Commission Demands Investigations Regarding CIA Secret ... / Report details CIA prisons in Europe)

Romania, which is in NATO, has troops in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Romania by Adam Jones Adam63

The 1989 revolt in Romania led to the fall of Ceausescu.

An article apparently written by former Securitate officers ('Was This Your Revolution? This is How It Was!' Democratia, No. 36, 24-30 Sept. 1990) describes how the CIA and KGB organised the fall of Ceausescu.

Reportedly, key figures in the revolt were working for the CIA and KGB, including Militaru (allegedly a KGB-CIA double agent) and the former Securitate officer and adviser to Ceausescu, Dumitru Mazilu (allegedly a CIA agent), and Silviu Brucan (allegedly both a CIA and KGB agent).

Reportedly, just before the revolt, there were 'massive arrivals of so-called Hungarian tourists in Timisoara and Soviet tourists in Cluj'.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, Im Romanian and I can tell u this was the greatest election fraud in the history of our country. And whats worse it was all done in plain sight. We have the leaders we deserve. Im glad u brought this subject up.


Anonymous said...

And btw, Basescu declared himself a winner much before the exitpoll. Draw ur own conclusion now.


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