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DERIPASKA one of whose top financial advisers is Nat Rothschild. (aangirfan: Deripaska, McCain, Lieberman, Mandelson, Rothschild)

Who will get control of the mineral wealth in Guinea?

The Jewish oligarch Oleg Deripaska, and the Chinese, are among those with interests in Guinea.

France's Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, who has a Jewish father, takes an interest in Guinea.

The CIA takes an interest in Guinea.

On 3 December 2009, there was an attempted assassination of Guinea's ruler, Moussa Dadis Camara.

(Guinea chief 'well' after surgery in Morocco )

Guinea's communications minister has accused the French secret service of "being complicit in the assassination attempt."

(Guinea accuses France of complicity in shooting)

A suspect, Mohamed Camara, has been arrested while attempting to flee to Sierra Leone.

Mohamed Camara was in charge of security at the Koundara military camp where the president was shot in the head.

Guinea's leader is in hospital in Morocco, recovering from a gunshot wound which is said to have lodged a splinter of bone into his brain.

A doctor has said Camara could suffer mental impairments, especially memory loss. (Guinea accuses France of complicity in shooting )


According to John Helmer:

1. In 1961 Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba was assassinated.

Belgian officials, backed by the CIA and a White House assasination order, carried out the assassination.

There may be a similar situation now in Guinea.

2. Oleg Deripaska is the boss of a company called Rusal.

In October 2009, Victor Boyarkin, a close associate of Deripaska, was in Paris where he was introduced to Guinean Government officials.

Guinea supplies bauxite to Russian aluminium smelters.

In Guinea, Rusal operates the Kindia bauxite mine.

3. In 2006, Rusal bought the Friguia alumina refinery for $19 million.

That deal was revoked in September 2009 on the ground that it was corrupt.

The real value of the refinery is said to be at least $240 million more than Rusal paid.

Rusal’s mines, refinery, and the rail line, port, and power station linked to them, are, together, one of the largest employers in the country.

The Dian-Dian bauxite concession, for which Rusal has mining rights, but which it has yet to dig, is the largest bauxite deposit in Guinea, probably in the world.

4. Chinese interests are reportedly in the running to buy the Friguia refinery.

Boyarkin has asked the Camara government for a reversal of the court ruling revoking Rusal’s ownership of Friguia.

Boyarkin and Deripaska have been talking with the French about Rusal’s multi-billion dollar debts to French banks.

5. Sources reveal that the French bankers are unhappy with measures being taken by Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

Kouchner gave the order to close French schools in, and evacuate French nationals from, Guinea's capital, Conakry.

There is a suspicion in Paris that Kouchner is backing one of the Guinean opposition figures, Alpha Conde, head of the Rally of the Guinean People (RPG).

Conde and Kouchner have been friends since school days.

Kouchner has been attempting to rally international support for political sanctions, and possibly military intervention in Guinea.

There is a suspicion that Kouchner and Conde are plotting to depose Camara.

The banking sources say their interests in Guinea are threatened if they are seen in Guinea as backing Deripaska and Conde.

Guinea, formerly known as French Guinea, has bauxite and the drugs trade.

Captain Moussa Dadis Camara is head of the military junta that currently runs Guinea. (BBC Country profile: Guinea)

Reportedly, the junta is trying to crack down on the drugs trade.

Reportedly there are now Colombian paramilitary and secret service agents in neighbouring Sierra Leone. (Don't attack Guinea- Courrier des lecteurs)

Reportedly, certain people are trying to overthrow the Government of President Moussa Dadis Camara in Guinea.

Reportedly, three foreign nationals from the US , Cuba and Colombia, caught in a cocaine plane episode in Sierra Leone, are agents of the CIA, based in Miami. (Don't attack Guinea- Courrier des lecteurs)

The government banned a demonstration organised for 28 September 2009 in Conakry, the capital of Guinea.

But 'several political parties, trade unions and civic organisations' went ahead with the event.

Demonstrators set a police station and a police car ablaze

Riot police charged the protesters. (At least 58 killed in Guinea anti-junta protest)

In October 2009, some Guineans were on strike to remember the dozens of protesters 'killed by soldiers' during a rally on 28 September 2009.

On 19 September 2008, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zhai Jun met with Harouna Berete, Special Envoy of Guinea

Reportedly, Guinea has agreed a big mining and oil deal with China. (Guinea and China 'agree big deal')

Mines minister Mahmoud Thiam says a Chinese company will invest more than $7bn (£4.5bn) in infrastructure.

The company will be a "strategic partner" in all mining projects in Guinea.

If the junta is trying to crack down on the drugs trade, it will make some powerful enemies.

Hillary Clinton has declared that the Guinean military junta "cannot remain in power." (Clinton Condemns Guinea Violence)

The leader of Guinea's new military government should be put on trial for crimes against humanity, the EU's development chief, Karel de Gucht, has told reporters. (Guinea ruler 'must face charges' )

The president of West Africa's economic bloc, Ecowas, has criticised the junta.

There are 'widespread calls' for the junta leader Captain Moussa Dadis Camara to step down.

The Chinese firm that intends to invest in Guinea is said to be the Hong Kong registered China International Fund.

Reportedly the firm will help build ports, railway lines, power plants and low-cost housing.

Guinea is thought to have the world's largest reserves of the aluminium ore, bauxite.


Captain Moussa Dadis Camara is Guinea's popular new leader.

Dadis took power in a bloodless coup after the previous ruler, Lansana Conté, died in December 2008.


Lansana Conte had been put into power in 1984 by a Western/CIA backed military coup. (Captain Moussa Dadis Camara and the future of Guinea-Conaky)

Under Lansana Conte, there were continuing problems of poverty, unemployment, tribalism, interrupted electricity supply, lack of clean drinking water, lack of decent health centres and schools, and lack of decent roads. (Captain Moussa Dadis Camara and the future of Guinea-Conaky)

Guinea. Cette photo a été prise par Michel Tendil

Now things have changed.

Dadis personally interviews alleged drug dealers and corrupt politicians from the previous regime, live on television.

Ousmane Conté, a son of the previous president, was seen on TV confessing that he had been part of a drug-smuggling ring.

Several former ministers and a prime minister have agreed to give back money that went missing when they were in power.

Dadis is very popular in Guinea, but may not be popular with the CIA or the drugs barons.


aangirfan: Deripaska, McCain, Lieberman, Mandelson, Rothschild


Hubris said...

Posted this in an earlier thread, but it belongs here too

from, allegedly, the jerusalem post

"What Putin discovered (or said that he knew nothing about? Editor) only after he attempted to freeze Khodorovsky’s stake in Yukos oil, was that the arrest had automatically triggered a secret trustee agreement that Khodorovsky had concluded with the 67-year old Lord Rothschild several months earlier!?

Thus, when Khodorovsky was arrested, Lord Rothschild of England automatically assumed control over the $8 billion stake in Yukos, which had been held by the Gibraltar-based Menatep Group.

Though both are separated by a generation in age, Khodorovsky and Rothschild are very close friends, drawn together by a passion for art and business. Both of these men are trustees with several other oligarchs, of the Open Russia Foundation, with which the billionaire Soros is involved also.

It seems, and this is now well known, that large foreign bankers, like Rothschild and others have bought up about 95% of Russia’s wealth.

i just LOVE that little tidbit of trivia, thrown in to make it look much more innocent than it really is :

Though both are separated by a generation in age, Khodorovsky and Rothschild are very close friends, drawn together by a passion for art and business.
heeeheeheee - 'art & Business' - as if naked avariciousness had nothing to all to do with it

PS: how long do you think it will be before ol' Peter comes to comment?

i'm betting within the next 4 hrs.

Hubris said...


Khodorovsky, at the time one of the richest men in Russia, handed all his Yukos voting rights to Rothschilds just before he went to prision.

Imagine that – one of the worlds richest is merely a front for Rothschilds, another of the worlds richest!

How many other Rothschild-fronts are out there?

hubris said...

Excerpt from Peter Mandelson joins richest Russian on his superyacht

Deripaska’s business was undoubtedly already familiar to Mandelson. He has twice cut import duties on aluminium — with the Russian tycoon’s giant aluminium company a main beneficiary.

In a document signed off by Mandelson in December 2005, it was agreed the European commission would scrap measures against Deripaska’s company, Rusal Sayanal, controlled by Rusal, to prevent it “dumping” cheap aluminium foil in Europe. A year-long investigation had cleared the company of this practice.

The document meant the import duty for Rusal Sayanal was officially set at zero. All other Russian companies exporting the same product were charged at 14.9%.

SO: is Oleg another frontman for Rothschild?
One of Deripaska’s key financial advisers is Nat Rothschild, who is co-chairman of a New York hedge fund and a friend of Mandelson’s. Nat Rothschild’s father, the financier Lord Rothschild

‘key financial adviser = Oleg’s minder?

SO: What about Roman?

Peter said...

Oddly enough ole Hubris, I agree with the lions share of this post. However.....
since obviously, Khodorovsky is "rothschild's " boy. the most glaring reality check is Putin's incarcerating the Rothschild stooge whilst oth Rothschild stooges fled to the safe bossom of the London bankers(Boris Beresovsky amongst others)
Does this again, GLARING reality not allude to a rift between the Rothschild's and the current Russian establishment? I say there is a genuine rift. It's as if the Rothschild's fluctuate periodically between the players in the Great Game (UK & Russia)
There's alot more to be said about that .

Hubris said...

Nothing I have said, Peter, indicates that I thought there was Not a rift between vlad and the Rothschilds.

Te whole affair is very murky indeed.

From what I have read it seems likely that the Rothschilds setup and funded the activities of a number of Oligarchs who serve as frontmen in order to hide the depth and breath of Rothschild activities in Russia, from the general Public.

Vlad, being who he is, definitely has full knowledge of their holdings is Russia and appears to have been attempting to disrupt their activities and claw back some of the money they looted from Russia during the Yeltsin years.

Most of it appears to have been funnelled through the Marc rich connected Bank Menatap

Menatep, was a primary means of diverting IMF monies and other looted Russian wealth back to accounts in the Bank of New York and places like Gibraltar.

Menatep in turn was just part of the Clearstream empire of clandestine bank accounts used to siphon trillions in illicit monies since the 1980s.

H said...

Nov 2003, the Times:

Rothschild is the new power behind Yukos

A SENIOR MEMBER of the Rothschild banking family has emerged as the key figure in the battle for control of Yukos, the Russian oil giant.
The Sunday Times can identify Lord (Jacob) Rothschild as the secret holder of the large stake in Yukos that was previously controlled by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oil company’s chairman. Khodorkovsky, reputed to be Russia’s richest man, was last week arrested by Russian prosecutors on charges of fraud and tax evasion. His imprisonment has triggered a trustee agreement he put in place with Rothschild a few months ago. Rothschild, 67, now controls the voting rights on a stake in Yukos worth almost £8 billion. This places him at the centre of a dispute with the Russian state. It is widely believed that the charges being brought against Khodorkovsky are a response to his political ambitions to succeed Vladimir Putin as Russia’s president. Russian prosecutors tried to freeze a 44% stake in Yukos on Thursday. Their move highlighted the previously unknown arrangement that allowed voting rights to be transferred to an unnamed foreigner — Rothschild — should Khodorkovsky be unable to “act as a beneficiary” of the shares. It is thought that Khodorkovksy, 40, took this precaution when he realised he was facing arrest. The shares are held via the Gibraltar-based Menatep Group.

Khodorkovksy has known Rothschild for years through their mutual love of the arts and their support for Russian development via the Open Russia Foundation. Rothschild is a multi-millionaire in his own right, with a fortune estimated at £400m. He has not been involved with NM Rothschild, the City investment bank, since walking out during a furious row 22 years ago. Rothschild went on to build his own investment empire through firms such as RIT Capital Partners, St James’s Place Capital and J Rothshild Assurance. It is thought that Khodorkovsky could remain in prison until at least the end of the year. He is accused of illegally obtaining $1 billion through fraud and tax evasion. If convicted, he could face 10 years in jail.

That 'walkout' from NM Rothchilds 22 years ago followed massive family losses connected with assets held in Switzerland when Banco Ambrosiano folded and 'God's Banker' Roberto Calvi was found murdered in London.

Rothschild is now preparing a spectacular 'comeback' with this Yukos scam and must think he hold an impressive hand of cards to be able to take on Putin's prosecutors in this particular version of financial strip poker.

The Yukos affair has provoked a crisis in Russia’s fledgling capitalist system. Russian shares fell heavily last week and the value of Yukos slumped by a third as foreign investors fled the market. Khodorkovsy broke an agreement that Putin’s government would not investigate the controversial circumstances in which the oligarchs made their money as long as they stayed out of politics. Instead, Khodorkovsky funded opposition parties.

H said...

if that bit about 'staying out of politics' is true, and I have my doubts, obviously Putin signalled that he would be prepared to let Rothschilds continue as long as they stayed out of Politics.

But then that's not Rothschild's style, or so it seems, since they appear to own a lot of the Politicos in the US and the UK, and probably most of Europe as well.

and it would not have been possible to run Russia if you always had to look over your shoulder to keep an eye on Rothschilds.

BUT: Vlad does seem close(ish) to Deripaska, which seems weird, if he too is a Rothschild front. So I mmay be wrong on all that.

My guess is Putin was just biding his time while looking for an excuse when he agreed to that because there is no way Rothschilds would stay out of politics given their usual methods of looting.

This is generally true of all powerful crooks not just Rothschilds, but they do seem to specialise in this format of using frontmen to hide their looting

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