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It would appear that the CIA, and its friends, control the key people in many countries from Australia to Zimbabwe.

(aangirfan: CIA control of Australia? / aangirfan: The CIA's control of countries around the world)

The CIA, reportedly, can carry out acts of terrorism in such countries as the UK, Indonesia, Spain, India, Pakistan, and Palestine AND THEN get the local police, judges and media to cover up the evidence of CIA involvement.

("KASAB WAS INTERROGATED BY HEADLEY / aangirfan: Lockerbie Evidence)

In Palestine, the aim of the CIA and its friends is to SPLIT the Palestinians.

The CIA wants the Palestinians to fight and torture each other, rather than stand up to the Israeli occupiers.

The CIA prefers Hamas to Fatah, because Hamas is more likely to be seen by the world as a bunch of mad Moslems.

A recent story in The Guardian may help split the Palestinians.

In December 2009, we learn that the CIA is linked to Palestinian 'torture'

The CIA works alongside the Palestinian spooks in the West Bank.

These spooks reportedly torture people.

The Palestinian spooks are the Preventive Security Force (PSF) and General Intelligence Service (GI).

"The CIA consider them as their property, those two Palestinian services," a western official told the Guardian.

Hamas supporters are held without trial and allegedly tortured by the Palestinian agencies in the West Bank.

Hamas blames Keith Dayton, the US General commanding the Palestinian National Security Force in the West Bank, for the arrest and torture of its supporters.

Human rights organisations say detainees are beaten and subjected to "shabeh", where they are shackled and held in painful positions for long periods.

Hamas has faced allegations that its forces have tortured people linked to Fatah.

Adnan Aldenari, a Palestinian police spokesman, denies that the security forces in the West Bank are abusing detainees.

"We have nothing to hide; or nothing to be ashamed of. When we had mistakes [they] were individual as committed by some officers and not expressive of our policy.

The Guardian reported that at least three detainees have died in custody in 2009 due to being mistreated.

The most recent was Haitham Amr, a 33-year-old nurse from Hebron, who died four days after he was detained.

The CIA does not deny working with the PSF and GI in the West Bank, but Paul Gimigliano, a CIA spokesman.


Anonymous said...

nobody said...

Hey Aa, I'm a bit curious about your statement that the CIA would prefer Hamas to Fatah. Just now looking up Mohammed Dahlan up on wikipedia (yeah, yeah, I know) they declare Dahlan was on the receiving end of funds and training so that he might depose Hamas. Otherwise a lot of the wickedness going on in the Gaza Strip blame on Hamas (kidnappings say) was actually Dahlan.

Since the actions of one can be blamed on the other, indeed all Palestinians tarred with the same brush, and since Fatah will do whatever they're paid to (indeed seem to perpetually behave as Quislings) I'd have thought the CIA would prefer Fatah and be doing their damnedest to bring down Hamas.

Not forgetting of course that there's a perfectly good case to be made that what with there being nothing in it for the CIA in Palestine, they're only acting there as proxies for Mossad. Honestly, the idea that the CIA would be running around in Palestine doing things that are at odds with Mossad's agenda is, I don't know? Unlikely?

Anon said...

You are correct that Fatah is thoroughly infiltrated and that Dahlan is a spooky character. But Palestine's best hope is not Hamas, but some moderate group that can win world support, like Gandhi's people in India. A moderate, uncorrupt Fatah could easily beat Israel. The CIA-Mossad people simply want the Palestinians to be divided, and to look Islamist and mad.

- Aangirfan

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