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Photo of Elias Elia, who has links to the Greek part of Cyprus (Globespan's missing millions - part three). Elias Elia's firm E-Clear is run largely by Greek Cypriots and owned by a parent company in Cyprus.

Bust Scottish airline Flyglobespan was owed £36million of its own cash by an online payments firm, E-Clear, run by Elias Elia.

From Douglas Fraser, of BBC Scotland (Globespan's missing millions - part three), we learn the following:

E-Clear handles credit card transactions for airlines.

In December 2009, Globespan's founder Tom Dalrymple issued statements saying Globespan was in discussion with Halcyon Investments about a possible takeover of the company.

Halcyon, registered as a trust in Jersey in 2008, has Elias Elia as its chief investor.

In late December 2009, Allbury Travel Group ceased trading; it included Libra Holidays, Argo Holidays and JetLife.

Allbury Travel Group is a subsidiary of Allbury Ltd, a Virgin Islands company in which the controlling interest is reported to be Elias Elia.

According to Scotland on Sunday (Under-fire tycoon's tour firm folds ): E-Clear, "is not registered by the City watchdog, the Financial Services Authority, and it does not have established agreements with the Civil Aviation Authority to protect customers if an airline fails.

"The company has been involved in travel trade collapses before.

"E-Clear also provided credit card transaction services to Slovakian no-frills airline SkyEurope, which went into administration in June.

"It was reported that the airline was pursuing E-Clear for millions in overdue payments, but this was denied by Elia at the time.

"E-Clear also had failed XL Leisure Group and Zoom Airline as customers. XL, once the UK's third biggest tour operator, went into administration last year after a rescue deal led by Elia 'came to nothing'".

A comment on a story at The Scotsman reads: "I know from speaking to a few Cypriots that this Elias Elia bloke is a bit of a dodgy mafia type." (Flyglobespan could have been saved, says Swinney - News)

Reportedly, Osama Bin Laden used Greek Cyprus "as a transit point of exports in order to finance his terrorist activities. He has bank accounts in Nicosia in order to finance several terrorist activities." (Daily News - SOUTH CYPRUS; A HEAVEN FOR MONEY LAUNDERING.)

Salmond calls for Globespan probe



George Palaondas said...

"Flyglobespan Airline goes bust;The mysterious Elia Elia" "dodgy mafia type"

I would like to comment on your above article and if you like I can give you many details concerning the "mysterious" and "dodgy mafia type" Elias Elia.
I am the ex president, the founder, the owner and the only investor of one million pounds in the years 2000 / 01 of e-clear before Elias "managed" without a penny to hold gradually the company and destroys me financially. You can be astonished to know his background.
George Palaondas
19 Kerkyras str., 2369 Nicosia, Cyprus.
tel. +357-99-446552, email:

Anon said...

Many thanks for your comment.

I would welcome further information.

- Aangirfan said...

I believe that in order to find out the real truth about the collapsed Flyglobespan and earlier collapses of other airlines related with E-Clear and to safe others to follow, the British Authorities have to examine the history of Elias Elia starting from the year 2000. They will be astonished to find out how the “mastermind” Elias from a penniless person is handling now millions of money and the futures of companies. How he manages with big lies to come through every time? His tactics to achieve something are the same. He destroys somebody to climb up. The story is too long and it goes back in the year 2000.

Lately in Cyprus Elias was threatened with a bomb exploded at his house in Nicosia for money owned for years. He arranged to start paying with monthly instalments. Lately also was “forced” from “special money collectors” to pay with monthly instalments 120,000 from the total of 200,000 owned to a person from the year 2002.

If the Authorities take the matter seriously and dig deeply they will find many things. They must bare in mind that Elias is very talent to manipulate matters and unless he is forced to the limits he will not talk.

Anon said...

Many thanks for the additional information.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Let me say I am NOT sure the person who is mentioned in the information I sent to you actually is the Elias Elia that is connected with E-Clear. Maybe you vanm know ? Maybe best not to publish address until certain.

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