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Zachary, from Idaho in the USA.

It is suspected that 14 year old Zachary Neagle and his sister were repeatedly sexually abused by their father.

A relative reportedly told police he found child pornography on a computer in the Neagle home showing children as young as 8 or 9 engaged in sexual acts.

Zachary's mother is in a mental hospital.

Zachary called 911 from the house, saying, "My dad’s been shot."

He initially told police he was in his room listening to music when he heard a shot.

Jason S. Neagle, 32, Caldwell, died at his home on May 16, 2009.

Zachary has been charged with the murder of his father.

Zachary has appeared in court with shackles attached to his hands and torso, and wearing a prison uniform.

In chains, the 14-year-old boy accused of killing his 'abusive father'.

21 April 2008 – Warren Weber, 56, of Boise, Idaho, pleaded guilty to charges concerning his involvement in a vast global child pornography trafficking enterprise. (Cached)

"In early November 1989 in Minidoka County, Idaho, the dismembered and burned remains of a 4-to-8-weeks-old female Hispanic infant were discovered in a garbage dump.

"Forensic experts ascertained that Baby X - whose identity was never discovered - had been disembowelled and mutilated before she was burned. Rumors of a Satanic sacrifice started almost immediately.

"In March 1990 a 10-year old boy, Timothy (his name was not released by the authorities for privacy reasons), entered therapy for disturbing dreams of sexual abuse and torture. He began drawing pictures which, although open to multiple interpretations, suggested that Timothy had witnessed Satanic rituals including sexual abuse.

"Timothy told therapists and later police detectives that his experiences had taken place in Rupert, a Southern Idaho town close to where Baby X's remains had been found.

"Shortly thereafter, Timothy claimed that during a Satanic ritual he had witnessed the sacrifice of an infant who may well have been Baby X.

"Timothy's recollections were later published in the South Idaho Press and included a graphic description of a Satanic ritual.

According to Timothy: "They put me on a table with a Bible. The devil is there. They pray to the devil. 18 people stand around.

"The devil makes these people hurt me.

"They hurt me so bad.

"They hurt me in the private parts.

"They have hurt me so many times.

"The devil makes bad people.

Rupert Idaho by Ken Lund

"They have sacrifices.

"It's done in the real Bible. The devil is there. 18 people are there. They sacrifice cats. They put them on a table and pray and sacrifice and give them to the devil. They do this all the time, even in the winter when it's cold. They sacrifice all animals.

"They even sacrifice babies...

"They lay them on this table and give them to the devil.

"They pray to him from the real Bible. The Bible is on the table. Where do they get the babies, I don't know. The babies don't have any cloths on. They just put them on the table and pretty soon the devil makes a fire and they are on fire. My mom and dad are there, they watch"

The authorities were reluctant to file charges.

In November 1991 the Idaho Attorney General's office took over the investigation of the case.

In 1992 the Attorney General's Office released his report.

It was decided that Baby X had not been mutilated and could have died of pneumonia.

It was thought that Timothy "had never witnessed a Satanic ritual and ... may have invented the story".

No charges were filed. (Cached)

On 30 July 2009, "A 26-year-old Rupert woman charged with 11 sex crimes against children has been scheduled for a preliminary hearing on some of the charges Friday.

"Emily Kay Thurber is charged with one count of lewd conduct with a child, one count of sexual battery of a minor child, two counts of sexual abuse of a child, three counts of statutory rape and four counts of criminal conspiracy.

"Prosecutors say the charges stem from incidents between 2005 and 2008 with two victims. They are split among three separate court cases.

"Thurber’s fiance, 30-year-old Joseph David Lentz of Idaho Falls, was accused of taking part in the alleged abuse.

"He was sentenced in May to four to 16 years in prison for statutory rape and sexual abuse of a child." (Cached)

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