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Deng Xiaoping and Jimmy Carter (former roommate of Jackson Stephens - aangirfan: 9 11)

1979 was an important year.

Osama bin Laden was in the USA in 1979. (Osama in America: The New Yorker)

1979 was the year that elements of the western elite organised some very undesirable events.

1. In 1979, the CIA and its friends were backing the Islamists in Afghanistan, in the hope of luring in the Russians.

In 1979, Soviet Russia, which was already corrupt and weak, decided to invade Afghanistan.

2. In 1979, the CIA and its friends reportedly put the anti-Soviet Ayatollahs into power.

Certain people hoped that there would be a clash of civilisations. The Vietnam war had ended in 1975 and the Military Industrial Complex needed some new wars.

3. In 1979, the United States and China established full diplomatic relations, and lots of American jobs began to move to China.

China's cheap labour pleased certain big corporations.

4. In 1979, it looked as if the UK economy had been undermined by hidden forces.

In 1979 the British elected Margaret Thatcher, which meant unbridled capitalism, and a loss of manufacturing jobs.

ABC News 1979 - Mission Mind Control

According to Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson, at Newsweek 30 October 2009, 1979 was The Year the World Really Changed

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, but it can be argued that the Soviet Empire was already in a state of near collapse decades earlier.

Princeton's Professor Stephen Kotkin believes that the fall of the Berlin Wall was not about 'People Power' but was a revolution organised by the leaders in the Kremlin. (The Year the World Really Changed)

Kotkin believes that high oil prices kept the bankrupt Soviet empire alive during the 1970s.

According to Kotkin, Mikhail Gorbachev and his friends could see the value of Russia's oil and gas.

The Russian government privatised the energy industry.

This meant that some of the Communist elite became very rich.

According to Germany's Helmut Schmidt, Russia was 'Nigeria with snow'.

Today, Russia's GDP is only 9 % of U.S. GDP.

(China's GDP is 23 % of US GDP).

The population of Egypt may overtake that of Russia by 2045.

The events of 1979 were meant to benefit the global elite, and not the ordinary citizens of Afghanistan, or Iran, or Russia, or the USA or UK.

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