Tuesday, November 10, 2009

USA var en del av attacken

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The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has an article on 9 11 headlined 'The U.S. was part of the attack.'

On the Swedish TV network TV4, Swedish MP Egon Frid said: "The U.S. administration knew of the terrorist attack before and was a part of it."

Frid has stated that he knows there are several leading politicians in Sweden who are interested in the Truth Movement’s message. - Swedish Member Of Parliament: Leading Politicians Support 9/11 Truth Movement

We now have a small base of solid support within the Palace of Westminster. -REINVESTIGATE 911

1400 Vehicles burnt/melted near WTC on 9/11

KBR Sued Again, Featuring Dogs Running Around with Human Arms in their Mouths...

KBR may have poisoned 100,000 people in Iraq: lawsuit

Israel increases its presence in Latin America

Ex-British soldier admits he saw colleagues kicking Iraqi prisoner minutes before he died

Iraqi Cabinet approves Exxon Mobil-Shell oil deal

Video: Ex-UK ambassador explains Karzai and his ministers control most of the illegal drug trade

Peoples of Glasgow North East, press silver in my palm, I predict your future.

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Anonymous said...

The BBC (AKA MInistry of Truth) is still actively suppressing any real journalism about 9/11 and the Truth movement


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