Saturday, November 21, 2009

UK government knew CIA was torturing innocent British detainee

Miliband, who is Jewish.

On 20 November 2009, The Independent told us that Britain knew the CIA was torturing the innocent British detainee Binyam Mohamad.

In 2002, secret reports, sent between MI5 and the CIA, made clear that the American torturers were using practices which included waterboarding.

On 20 November 2009, Britain's High Court revealed a US memo reporting that Britain's Binyam Mohamed was tortured in the same way as another detainee, Abu Zubaydah, who was subjected to waterboarding and other tortures.

The High Court judges decided not to cover up an August 1, 2002, memo from one Bush administration official (Jay Bybee, of the Department of Justice) to another (John Rizzo, of the CIA).

The memoranda "made clear that the techniques described (in the case of Binyam Mohamed) were those employed against Mr Zubaydah"

Binyam Mohamed says Britain actively colluded in his torture while he was being unlawfully held by the Americans.

Binyam Mohamed has talked of his genitals being cut with a razor blade.

Binyam Mohamed

Britain's Jewish Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, wants to hush things up. Milliband is in charge of MI6.

But, earlier this year, President Obama ordered the publication of material relating to torture.

The British judges decided they could refer to the memo referring to Binyam.

In their latest ruling in Binyam Mohamed's case against the Foreign Office, the judges said: "Of itself, the treatment to which Mr Mohamed was subjected could never properly be described in a democracy as 'a secret' or an 'intelligence secret' or 'a summary of classified intelligence'."

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peter chamberlin said...

what is the source for the cia torture picture?

Anonymous said...

peter chamberlin, I believe you are affiliated with the blog called, therearenosunglasses.
There was a story today about a motorcycle "hit" in Karachi.
My immediate response, was to recall a movie from a few years back about the Irish journalist Veronica Guerin and how she was killed, by a motorcycle drive by shooting.
This all leads me to believe that the British Neo Imperialists have employed IRA terrorists throughout the MiddleEast and now Pakistan to do the very dirty work of mass murder and assassination.
How truly strange that IRA terror ceased, almost totally, with the advent of 911, which itself, was the grandaddy of all terrorist actions.
My theory is, the britiish bankers in London, have bought and paid for IRA murderers to redirect their terror activities away from England toward the Middle east and Central Asia.
Sharing the spoils of war with the IRA.

peter chamberlin said...


The Brits are so good at hiding their hand amongst the local criminal class, that I usually find it hard to uncover. Check the following ISI ids recovered from one of those motorcycle attacks upon Sindhs in Karachi:
Also see Dissecting the Anti-Pakistan Psyop on my site:

peter chamberlin said...

Posted the last in a hurry. If you check the link on the ISI ids, do you think these dudes look Irish? they are pretty pale.
Also, I think that all the recent killings of Pak Army generals has been by teams of hitters on bikes, beginning with Gen. Alvi. Whatever is going on there is strange as hell. The strange part is the Army or the ISI or elements within, know what is going on and who is behind it. Like Aangirfan pointed-out, in the Brit airlift op, ISI is usually helping train the guys who kill their people

Anonymous said...

They are pretty pale :)
However,not likely that those two are Irish. Somewhere, I read the Indians are working undercover for the Brits in the Pak Afghan region because of the obvious darker complexion, making infiltration easier then Irish or Brit infiltration.
I am glad you do not rule out Irish terrorist working in the region. So many terror bombings not only in Pakistan but Iraq as well. Heck, I always thought the Hariri bombing in Beirut could have been IRA. Although most Lebanese think it was Israel. Whatever,the media twist it beyond recognition.
We might as well move to Iran because or positions most closely mirrors Teherans. But hey, the truth is the truth. Things fall into place.They resonate, an undeniable phenomena.

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