Monday, November 16, 2009

The Scottish National Party has been infiltrated - by stupid people.

Dundee, sourced from Author Val Vannet

Scotland has produced some of the world's brainiest people.

Think for example of Kelvin and thermodynamics, Watson-Watt and radar, or Fleming and penicillin.

Scotland's brainiest people usually leave Scotland. (Lord Kelvin refused to leave Glasgow)

An independent Scotland could stop the rot.

Now think of Dundee which once produced much of the world's jute.

Dundee looks as if it has been run for many decades by stupid Labour Party people who have spoiled the landscape by bulding ugly concrete blocks

Now, at last, Dundee is run by the Scottish National Party.

But the Scottish National Party has been infiltrated - by stupid people.

The excellent Subrosa writes (Dundee Cancels Christmas):

"Imagine my surprise when, in the Scotland section of the Times, a header 'We wish you a merry Christmas (but not in Dundee)'.

"Yes, I did have to read it twice.

"Dundee, the place of my birth, the once thriving centre of industries such as ship building, jute making, Smedleys, Timex, NCR, has finally been consumed by the Righteous brigade and in the first year of an SNP council to boot.

"I've heard of labour councils playing this silly game but it never crossed my mind an SNP council would be so accommodating to the Righteous.

"All references to Christmas have been dropped from the switching-on ceremony, on 27 November, for the city's festive lights and the occasion will be now known as 'Dundee Winter Light Night.'

"Council officials have also decided that rather than a retelling of the Nativity story there will be a disco, a contemporary circus, a continental market and a 7 foot fairy on stilts."

Dundee by Maciej Lewandowski. User:Macieklew

guinness commented...

"Yes the SNP in Dundee have been a massive let down.

"Cancelling the hogmany party in the City Square after all the promises before they were elected was disgraceful. And now this nonsense with the winter lights.

"The SNP have been helpless while NCR, Tesco Distribution, Foreman Construction, Waterfront housing projects and many other small businesses have closed or shed jobs.

"If this is the best that the SNP can do then I think many people will desert them.

"I'm now a floating voter and don't see the SNP giving me much to hang onto.

"Independence doesn't look too good if we stay part of the EU so the SNP's slogan of Independence in Europe doesn't appeal to me.

Camperdown House, in Camperdown Park, Dundee, UK - Author Ydam

"Their policy of more immigration while thousands are on the dole is electoral suicide.

"Their million pound support for the Scottish Islamic Foundation is damaging to our culture and upsets christian voters.

"And their recent defeat in Glasgow highlights how out of touch they are with ordinary people.

"Some ex Pravda hooray henry was the wrong choice. A real local bruiser would have been more successful.

"He was a good candidate for Stirling or Edinburgh but not a place like Glasgow North East."


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