Thursday, November 26, 2009


Some polls are more honest than others (

In the UK, The Observer newspaper's Ipsos-Mori poll, of 22 November 2009, made it look as if Gordon Brown's Labour Party was only 6% behind the opposition Tory Party. (Opinion poll raises spectre of hung British parliament)

It looks as if the poll was designed to explain Labour's 'good' performance in the Glasgow North East by-election. (VOTE FRAUD IN UK BY-ELECTION IN GLASGOW NORTH EAST)

Reportedly, "another of the big pollsters had a survey in the field at the same time and it showed a fourteen point Tory lead."

"A new poll for Political Betting has Labour down on 22, only a point ahead of the Lib Dems." - (A poll taken at the same time as the Ipsos-Mori poll had the Tories 14 points ahead - James Forsyth)



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