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Jordan Chandler

Evan Chandler, originally Evan Charmatz, came from a prominent Jewish family. (What drove the father of ...)

On 5 November 2009, Evan Chandler was found dead in his luxurious apartment in New Jersey.

It was Evan Chandler who, in 1993, alleged that Michael Jackson had sexually abused his son, Jordan, then aged 13.

Evan Chandler has admitted that Jackson and Jordan always had their clothes on whenever he saw them in bed together. (Michael was innocent!)

Jordan "has cleared the late star’s name by saying the King of Pop ‘never touched’ him, the singer’s brother Jermaine has revealed." ('MJ's sex abuse victim clears his name' /Jermaine: 'Boy withdrew abuse claims' )

June Wong, who became June Chandler Schwartz (from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Chinese/black) (

Jordan Chandler's mother told police that she did not believe Jackson had molested her son.[14][16]

La Toya Jackson claimed that her brother was a pedophile and that she had proof, which she was prepared to disclose for a fee of $500,000.

In Israel, she stated, "I cannot and will not be a silent collaborator in his crimes against young children...".

She claimed that Jackson's own physical abuse as a child had turned him into an abuser.

In subsequent years she would insist that she was forced to make the allegations by her then husband for financial gain.
[5] Just prior to making the allegations, her husband was arrested for striking her in the face, arms and legs with a chair.[19]

Jackson and Jordan had become friends in May 1992.

Tabloids reported that Jackson became like a member of the Chandler family.

Evan Chandler invited Jackson to build an extra wing on the Chandler home so that Jackson could move in with the Chandlers.[15]

Evan Chandler, a Beverly Hills dentist, claimed he discovered the alleged abuse when he gave Jordan sodium amytal, known as 'truth serum', while removing a tooth. (Evan Chandler, father of boy who accused Michael Jackson of molestation ... )

Jackson reportedly paid $20 million to Jordy and $1 million to each of Jordan's divorced parents.

Today, Jordan Chandler is in his late twenties living in a $2.35 million home in Long Island under an assumed name. He and his family also own a high-rise apartment in Manhattan and a condominium in Santa Barbara. (1993 child sexual abuse accusations against Michael Jackson ...)

Santa Monica, where Michael Jackson met Jordan (Lars0001)

Jordan at first blamed his mother, June, for getting him involved with Jackson.

In 2006, Jordan accused his father of attacking him with a dumbbell, spraying him with mace and choking him. (Evan Chandler, father of boy who accused Michael Jackson of molestation ... )

Jordan Chandler has described how Jackson seduced him on a jaunt to Monaco, after handing the boy's mother a wedge of cash to go on a shopping spree. (Killed by the curse of Michael Jackson: What drove the father of ...)

Evan Chandler feared being murdered by some revenge-seeking fan. (What drove the father.)

Evan Chandler's younger brother, California-based lawyer Raymond Chandler, 63, told The Mail that Evan was not the only member of the Chandler family to have had his life ruined.

Raymond Chandler debunks the theory that Evan killed himself because he knew he had lied and could no longer live with his guilt.

"There have been all these reports saying that Evan and Jordy had retracted [the abuse allegations].

"Well, I can tell you there has been no retraction. My brother always maintained that his son was molested."

It was in 1992, that Jackson first met Jordan.

Reportedly, Michael Jackson was being driven through Santa Monica, near Los Angeles.

His car 'broke down' and his driver went to the nearby car-hire company Rent-A-Wreck.

The boss was Jordan's stepfather, David Schwarz.

Jordan, aged 12, was immediately introduced to Jackson.

Acording to one source: "Stranded in the middle of the heavily trafficked street, Jackson was spotted by the wife of Mel Green, an employee at Rent-a-Wreck, an offbeat car-rental agency a mile away. Green went to the rescue...

"June Chandler Schwartz ... gave Jackson their home number. 'It was almost like she was forcing [the boy] on him,' Green recalls." (Cached)

Schwarz had married Jordan's mother, June, after her marriage to Evan Chandler ended in 1985.

Jordan's mother and stepfather would drive Jordan to the Kackson ranch.

Soon Jackson began staying at the Schwarz's house in Malibu.

And what of Evan Chandler, who had an interest in show business?

He co-wrote the Mel Brooks comedy film Robin Hood: Men In Tights. (What drove the father of ...)

When Evan Chandler 'demanded that the friendship must end' , Jordan's mother 'refused to comply'.

Evan Chandler took Jordan to a child psychiatrist, and Jordan was ordered to live with his father.

The story of Jackson's alleged child abuse was then leaked to a British newspaper. Jackson paid $22million to the Chandlers.

Jackson faced trial in the case of Gavin Arvizo.

Jordan's mother gave evidence for the prosecution.

Jordan did not appear in the case.

In 2005, Jordan and Evan Chandler were sharing an apartment.

Jordan filed for a court restraining order against Evan Chandler, on the grounds of 'domestic abuse'. (What drove the father of ...)


Anonymous said...

After Michael Jackson invited the Chandlers in Vegas, June started inviting Michael Jackson to spend nights at her house in Brentwood, as she was estranged from Schwartz.

June was jockeying for position to be #1 in Michael Jackson's pecking order with families he'd adopted like ROBSON/BARNES. etc.

Also during the times Michael Jackson had the Chandlers over at Neverland, other families were there,too. For example, the Culkin clan were there in force, playing games.

It was Jordan who first asked his mother to spend his nights in Michael Jacksons bedroom, as he felt left out. All the other kids were there playing.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson and Jordan were not fast friends.

In fact, this was the shortest lived friendship Michael Jackson ever had with any family and all because of the Chandler's greed.

It didn't take long before they showed their true colours, wanting $$$'s.

Schwartz/June chandler weren't living in Malibu. Earlier reports were they lived in the flats south of sunset in Brentwood, and then Santa Monica.

Evan Chandler already had some scam going in florida.



Anonymous said...

sorry but you have some key points wrong.

MJ & Jordan weren't fast friends. In fact, this w as the shortest lived friendship Mj ever had with any family and all because of the Chandlers greed. It didn't take long before they s howed their true colours wanting Mj for $$$'s.

Schwartz/June chandler weren't living in Malibu.. earlier reports were they lived in the flats south of sunset in Brentwood.. then Sta Monica-- but Never Malibu.

and NO Evan Chandler nee Charmatz were never wealthy.. he already had some scam going in florida..

Anonymous said...

after MJ invited the chandlerts in Vegas was when June started inviting Mj to spent nights at her house in Brentwood( close to a golf course/park) as she was estranged from Schwartz.. June was jockeying for position to be #1 in MJ's pecking order with families he's adopted like ROBSON/BARNES.. etc.
Also the times MJ had the Chandlers over at Neverland-- other families were there,too.. like the Culkin clan were there in force, playing ,having games.. and it was Jordan who first asked his mother to spent his noghts at Mj's he felt left out-- all the other kids were there playing.

Anon said...

Many thanks for the additional information.


Deborah Ffrench said...

As of today 06/12/09 Jordan Chandler has not made a statement regarding the alleged events of 1993.

For a full and detailed overview of the allegations against Michael Jackson please go to this link:

Michael Jackson is survived by three young children who will one day be presented with the horrific realities of the circumstances surrounding their father’s death.

It is for them that the truth surrounding the alleged events of 1993 must be revealed – once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Research why Evan Chandler commited suicide, my point is that he made plans for Michael Jackson's death because Evan's been in and out of psych wards.

mj indonesia said...

We are love Michael.

Anonymous said...

Jordon Chandler has never spoken tp reporters and has NEVER made any type of confession of lying. In fact this and other websites that claim that Jordan Chandler ever made any statement or admitted lying is a total fabrication and a cruel lie. Jordan Chandler was sexually molested by Michael Jackson. That is exactly what Chandler told the police when he was a child. All of these websites and fake interviews with Jordan Chandler are disgusting fiction created to destroy the young man who was molested by Jackson. Posting fake interviews about Chandler is just twisted and unethical. The truth is that Jordan Chandler was victimized by Jackson as a child and now being victimized by the Jackson family PR machine and extremist fans who want to preserve the idilic image they have for their favorite pop star Michael Jackson. Jordan Chandler has NEVER given an interview so anyone posting a Jordan Chandler interview is posting lies.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting hum? Jordan was in fact molested by Michael and live happily ever after spending his molester's money. Sorry my friend but it doesn't make any sense.

It seems to me that the only justice "Jordan Chandler" wanted was to be rich without having to work hard for it. He might blame his father which i believe played a major role in the scam but you know what? DO NOT TELL ME THAT A 13 YEAR OLD "TEENAGER" doesn't have the ability to say no his father. In fact, they say no to their parents all the time. My guess is, that 22 MILLION sounds way too good to disobey his father regarding this matter. After all is was just a little lie so he could be lazy forever and distroy someone's life.

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