Thursday, November 05, 2009



Is the world run by criminals?

Israel Shamir has written an article entitled Hang 'Em High!

Among the points made:

1. During the last twenty years there was "a great shift of money upwards, to a smaller and smaller pack of greedy beasts."

2. "These fat cats bought themselves ... houses in Tel Aviv."

3. "They spent their billions buying up the media in order to subvert ... democracy and send ... soldiers to fight wars..."

4. "A big part of the stolen money was siphoned off to Israel..."

5. Jay Gould and Joseph Seligman caused the 'Black Friday' stock market crash in the late 19th century.

6. Jacob Schiff caused the notorious ‘Black Thursday’ panic that led to a nationwide economic depression[1].

7. Seligman was behind the Panama affair, a stock market swindle ... in France.

"The swindle was set up by two Jews of German origin, Jacques Reinach and Cornelius Herz who bribed parliamentarians."

8. "Let US soldiers come back from unneeded wars and remote bases all over the world: their real enemy is in their own country."

9. "Confiscate all the assets of the Pyramid-builders: of Paulson and Bernanke, of Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs executives, and of President Bush who allowed it all to happen.

"Peace will come to Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq; Americans will again become proud of their country.

"Such mass confiscation will restore democracy in the US..."

[1] Benjamin Ginsberg, The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, University of Chicago Pres, Chicago 1993, p 73


"One of the strangest episodes in Schmitz’s saga concerns a second family he raised by his German mistress. A young boy conceived in that relationshipappears to have been sexually mutilated. “But the man who saw conspiracies everywhere, who was an equal opportunity bigot, and who decried America’s moral decrepitude, had, himself, a skeleton in the closet.

"It came to light in a curious way. An Orange County child abuse case in 1982 concerned a thirteen-month-old infant who was discovered with hair so tightly wound around his penis that the organ had nearly been severed." - The Schmitz Family - A Key Nazi Connection to 9/11


McGonagall said...

That's a pretty heavy duty vid you put up there Aa. All these powerful yet evil people with connections all over the place and over generations. It's almost unbelievable and for that reason it won't be believed.

Penny said...

aangirfan darlings, is the world run by criminals

YES, YES, and a thousand times YES!!

I was thinking of the absolute serendipity of you posting this, just as I have finished watching more then 3 hours of The Money Masters.

I am not suggesting you have mind reading capabilities ;)

(I had time, as I was comforting my couch, while recovering from "swine flu". I am just assuming it was swine flu, just as the WHO mandated)

And as I watched I thought OMG, these criminals, they make Madoff, look a rank amateur. And what a scheme, the bankers have "money" out of nothing.....

Anonymous said...

I dont care if you publish this comment or not. You are a disinfo agent, and u run the risk of being exposed. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but very few people are reading this blog and even less are reprinting your articles.

Anon said...

Aangirfan gets well over 2,000 page views per day, which works out at around 70,000 page views per month.
(Website Worth: $6,083.82; 66 sites link directly to Aangirfan)

Anonymous said...

Learning the HISTORY of these Talmudic Judeo-Rats is the beginning of their end!

nobody said...

That bad attitude anonymous should pop into my blog. At least there he'd be right, ha ha.

salialioli said...

oh aagirfan gets read alright! Someone getting nervous d'you think?

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