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James Clerk Maxwell, a Scot, was one of the world's top scientists. He identified and wrote the equations of the electromagnetic field. That made possible the mobile phone, satellite communications, radio and television.

Americans are worried that their education system is no longer producing enough inventors like Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.

"Nearly all his childhood learning took place at home." (The Education of Thomas Edison )

Jonas Salk, who invented the polio vaccine, did not attend an ordinary sate school.

He attended Townsend Harris School, a school for intellectually gifted students. (High school)

Sergey Brin, of Google, attended a Montessori School, which is not like a state school. (The Story of Sergey Brin )

Sergey Brin

In the USA, and in the UK, the state school systems have been damaged by the Stalinist bureaucrats.

According to Newsweek (Zakaria: Can America Still Innovate?.), in the USA, "the education system has continued to decline...

"We got talent from abroad to mask the erosion at home."

Newsweek tells us: "Today California builds prisons, but not college campuses. In 1976 it spent 18 percent of its budget on education; that figure now is about 10 percent."

Now there is Good News!

Robert watson-Watt, the inventor of radar, was Scottish.

One country may be about to hit the bureaucrats.

In Scotland, the Scottish National Party has threatened to take control of schools away from useless local education authorities.

Just think about that: schools may be allowed to start improving!

Scotland used to have a world famous education system.

But Labour controlled local education authorities have helped to ruin many schools.

According to a think tank: Scottish pupils are falling behind their English counterparts despite taxpayers spending an extra £1,400 per child.

Alexander Fleming was Scottish.

According to an article about UK schools in Scotland on Sunday, 9 September 2007, (Alexander attacks 'bloated' education authorities) one in every four pounds of education funding never makes it to schools.

Studies show that of the average £5,160 spent on a child's education annually, £1,700 is swallowed up by local government.

What is needed is schools that are more independent of government.

We could learn from the Netherlands, when it comes to the organisation of schools.

In the Netherlands 70% of children are educated in private schools at the taxpayers' expense.

In the Netherlands, state spending on education is lower per head than in Britain, and results are better. (Schools unchained)

If Scotland's SNP government give more money to headmasters, these headmasters can employ more teachers.

When, in the past, the SNP government has given money to local education authorities, much of the money has been wasted.

James Watt was Scottish

There has been a row about education in Scotland.

Education secretary Fiona Hyslop, of the SNP, singled out Labour dominated Glasgow City Council for "deliberately" refusing to meet the class-size target.

Glasgow City Council alone is responsible for more than a quarter of the fall in teacher numbers.

Hyslop said: "For one authority among 32 councils to account for such a huge drop is deplorable.

"What is truly shocking is that Glasgow City Council has increased class sizes and cut teacher numbers at exactly the same time as figures for attainment show they are the worst-performing council in Scotland.

"To slash teacher numbers at the same time as attainment is falling is an act of reckless disregard for the interests of children."

Scotsman John Boyd Dunlop invented the inflated rubber tyre.

Hyslop is to hold talks with councils.

She said: "we will discuss how best to establish where the estimated £110m that could have been spent on teacher salaries has been spent ... and whether the Scottish Government needs to examine alternatives to the current system of local government delivery of education policy."

Ronnie Smith, general secretary of Scotland's biggest teaching union, the EIS, said: "Local authorities ... are failing to meet their obligations to our schools, pupils and teachers."

Schools run by local education authorities have a poor record.

In England, the 7 % who go to non-local education authority schools collected 40.2 % of A grades scored at A level in 2004.

The 7 % who go to non local-authority schools collected 45.7 % of the A grades in maths and 60 % of the A grades in modern languages. (Private v state: discipline and disruptive pupils)

John Logie Baird was Scottish

So, how should schools be organised?

1. Give pupils a choice of schools.

This means there must be lots of small schools of different types.

All schools should be tiny.

The big schools should be broken up.

2. Give headmasters and teachers the right to exclude pupils who are disruptive.

3. Set up special schools that give intensive care (very expensive) to the disruptive children.

4. Set up top quality schools that cater for the less academic kids.

There are parents and children who want such schools - so long as they are well run, and do not become dumping grounds for the disruptive children.

Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish

5. Lower the school leaving age and shorten the school day.

This will mean children will learn more.

That is the paradox.

6. Sack the bureaucrats.

According to an article about UK schools in Scotland on Sunday, 9 September 2007, (Alexander attacks 'bloated' education authorities) one in every four pounds of education funding never makes it to schools.

Studies show that of the average £5,160 spent on a child's education annually, £1,700 is swallowed up by local government.

Lord Kelvin, a Scot, played key roles in everything from thermodynamics and electric lighting to transatlantic telecommunication and the age of the Sun.

It is time to close down the "bloated" education authorities. Get rid of the government bureaucrats, both local and national. Sack the education chiefs. It is these folks who have helped to ruin British schools.


peter chamberlin said...

You seem to be onto something lately. I mean really, taking back our kids from the state, creating less psychopaths by more reasonable child-rearing? These things would be restoring sanity to our society. What's next, showing the sheep that they were once people? I suspect that the cult of the mind-shapers has consisted of pseudo-intellectuals, very clever men (probably under-achievers) who helped the elite deceive the masses and exploit the inventions of their intellectual superiors. Their psychopathic talents for deception and manipulation were sold to the powerful, who used their insight into human nature to lead us all into slavery and masturbate their egos in the process.

Peter said...

aangirfan, I do enjoy much of your blog.
It becomes increasingly obvious that you are a Scot. Yes?
I do believe that there is a massive DELIBERATe dumbing down of the population. It is not some accident. Neo-feudalism is a long incremental plan put into place decades ago. The nobility do not want a middle class anymore. Only the elite nobility and a pathetic slave under class will exist in the future.

Anon said...

The elite care about what happens in the top schools that educate their own children. Disrutive kids are more likely to be removed from top schools, unless their fathers are very influential.

The elite, and their civil servants, want the non-top schools to look good; hence the adjustment upwards of exam marks, and the cover-up of disruption.

If the USA and the UK want to produce better educated children, then they need to improve parenting (some kids need mentors), improve the media (less dumb stuff; more good role models), and set up lots of small independent (but state financed) schools from which disruptive kids would be excluded.

- Aangirfan

Peter said...

Dear aan.,
Inclusion of the word disruptive confuses me.
Of course, the elite have top schools in order to educate adequately, their off spring!!
I do think though, that the number of "disruptive" children in these top schools is small enough so that it is manageable.

Incidentally, Peter Chamberlin, if you are still there.
Yesterday you had a story about an organized protest against Obama's speaking at the US Military Academy here in West Point NY. The story was from LOHUD.COM, which is the local newspaper of my community.I do not trust that paper at all the wrter Kuhramm Saed (sp?) is a ZIO puppet. I would really love to speak out and voice support for this group that will protest his speech tommorow. However, this entire area is an extremist Zio bivouac. Danger Will Robinson!!

Anon said...

Dear Peter,

The headmaster of a top UK school once told me that over half the children in his school came from troubled homes. One poor kid, aged 13, had had 5 mothers. Disruptive behaviour in top schools is increasing, but, headmasters of private schools can remove disruptive kids so long as they are not 'well connected' (ie. the kid selling drugs may not be expelled if his father is one of the school governors).

- Aangirfan

Peter said...

This is stunning news aang.
Economics, seemingly, plays an important role in childhood development. Homes with economically stressed conditions,poverty, leads to psychologically stressed circumstances, generally speaking. Conversely, homes with economic privilige, generate conditions of privilige and growth for those
fortunated to have the priviliges.
Consequently,generally speaking,again, students in these top schools should not be experiencing these troubles you describe. Having said all this, yes, there are always exceptions to these general conditions but what really surprises me is that you say "half" the students in some top schools come from troubled homes. THAT surprises me.

Anon said...

Dear Peter,

In the UK, all classes of society are affected by the culture of sleaze and violence.

Drugs, alcoholism and divorce affect kids from private schools.

The number of divorces in England and Wales in 1857 was just five.

Almost half of all marriages in England and Wales will end in divorce if current trends continue, the Office for National Statistics said in 2008.

Traditionally it was the upper classes who went in most for divorce.


Peter said...

I apologize aang.
This comment is primarily directed at Peter Chamberlin.

Fascinating talk held at Harvard Law school last Monday.
Below link.

Obama's Middle East Policies: the Persistence of the Bush Doctrine

peter chamberlin said...


I hear what you are saying about the Zio zone, but you know, we can't shy away from confrontation is such swamps, since Obama and friends are likely to focus their efforts in those friendly areas. Isn't it about time to stick our necks out over here? Until we convince the sheep that they are sheep they will keep celebrating the wars that enslave them. Just started watching the movie at Angry Arab.

Peter said...

Peter Chamberlin,
Yes, we definitely need to stick our necks out.
It's called doing the right thing.
They will crack heads I fear, it 's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.

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