Friday, November 20, 2009


Palestinian Holocaust Museum.

"They are preparing for the one-state solution by using genocide and economic warfare to ensure that the Palestinians will be in the minority." - The Jewish Final Solution

Americans believe Palestinians are the illegal settlers in the West Bank - a confusion OK with US media

Defense Min. turns blind eye as Israelis sell arms to enemies

Sawasya: Israel uses Palestinian prisoners as guinea pigs to test drugs

Dispatches - The Zionist Lobby - video can be seen here

Palestinians under attack.

'Children as young as five are staying up late to watch pornography'

"SocGen advises bears to sell the dollar and to 'short' cyclical equities such as technology, auto, and travel to avoid being caught in the 'inherent deflationary spiral'. Emerging markets would not be spared. Paradoxically, they are more leveraged to the US growth than Wall Street itself. Farm commodities would hold up well, led by sugar. Mr Fermon said junk bonds would lose 31pc of their value in 2010 alone." - Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for 'global collapse ...

Britain PLC: Just one big black hole as tax crash drives our borrowing to £11.4bn - 88 times more than last year

CIA Secret ‘Torture’ Prison Found at Fancy Horseback Riding Academy

Ahmed Abdul Qadus (in handcuffs). Source:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or Qadus?

Ahmed Abdul Qadus

first US marijuana cafe opens in portland, oregon

"A proposal to give Aberdeen's heroin addicts their fix on prescription has been referred to a council committee. The proposal is from SNP councillor Jim Kiddie who said radical action was needed to tackle the problem." - Council considers heroin project

"Scotland’s entrenched social problems are Labour’s legacy rather than the adjunct of SNP incompetence." - The SNP flees for the hills

"Nail the bastards with the sword of truth" - Glasgow NE

Angie Papa Was A Wild And Crazy Guy!

Falling further behind: Poor white boys are already the worst ...

Insects can count and even recognise human faces despiute tiny brains



Peter said...

Poor white boys falling further behind at school with their 3Rs

This link appears to be busted.
I only mention this 'cause it so directly relates to moi.

Anon said...

Deat Peter,

Many thanks. I have corrected the link, I think.


Peter said...

yep, it was an interesting read. ty

nobody said...

Hey Aa, on the topic of Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, don't forget the known pix of him.

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