Sunday, November 01, 2009


Britain's SAS (Special Air Services) have reportedly trained the Khmer Rouge, the Tamil Tigers and Indonesia's Kopassus.

On 2 October 2009, "A U.S. plane that featured in a European Parliament report into the 'extraordinary rendition' of terror suspects was met by two SAS helicopters in a secret operation at one of Britain's biggest airports.

"The Gulfstream jet landed at Birmingham International Airport on Friday, October 2, having flown in from an undisclosed location, and was seen by a member of staff being met minutes later by the Special Forces regiment aircraft." - Jet named in torture flight report is met by SAS at British airport

"Ordinary matter – atoms, stars and galaxies – accounts for a paltry 4 per cent of the universe's total energy budget.

"It's the other 96 per cent that keeps University of Michigan physicist Katherine Freese engaged...

"Particles that are widely separated can somehow have quantum states that are linked, so that observing one affects the outcome of the other. - Seven questions that keep physicists up at night.

IMMIGRATION: "New Labour apparatchik, Andrew Neather" has disclosed "the real purpose of his party’s immigration policy.

"The Blairites’ aim was to undermine and get rid of traditional conservative British culture." - PETER HITCHENS: The slow-motion putsch that swept our nation away

British nuclear expert’s 17th floor UN death plunge ‘was not suicide’

S. African alleges El Al a Mossad front

MOSSAD: "Countries like India , the US and Israel cannot defend themselves within their own borders.

"We have to have rules of hot pursuit to pursue attackers and those who give save heavens to them to effectively deal with the global terror..." - Mossad's Efraim Halevy in India. - China, US policies on Pak adversely impacting India: Brajesh Mishra

Kids who behave very badly in schools should be booted out permanently.

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