Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Happened?

What Really Happened (Google Trends)

Prison Planet (Google Trends)

How many countries does Israel 'control'?

The UN human rights council has passed a resolution endorsing the Goldstone report, which accused Israel of war crimes.

How they voted:

In favour (25): Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Cuba, Djbouti, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia.

Against (6): US, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine.

Absentions (11): Belgium, Bosnia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gabon, Japan, Mexico, Norway, South Korea, Slovenia, Uruguay.

Britain, France, Madagascar, Kyrgyzstan and Angola did not vote.

Geo-Strategic Chessboard: War Between India and China?

China Russia Axis - Iran Offers SCO Alternative To U.S. Control Of World Resources

Military Rape Awareness Week Starts At Time Sq. Recruiting Station

Israeli-Turkish crisis worsens ?

Dylan Ratigan: Goldman Sachs' Black Magic, Here's How They Did It

The Privatisation of Iceland

'Sorry you were out': Why does the Royal Mail leave this card when you KNOW you were in?

It ain't half hot, Sarge: Scotland Yard's Sunshine Squad, hard at work in the Caymans ... and helping to run up an £8m bill

What's Your Political News IQ?


Seacret A Mossad Front In Australia?

Corporate predators "roam the world to find the cheapest and most vulnerable workers....mostly young women in Central America, Mexico, Bangladesh, China, and other poor nations, many working 12 to 14-hour days for pennies an hour."

"Corporate unaccountability is responsible for this moral crisis of our time - a dehumanized, expendable workforce ruthlessly exploited for profit." - Funding Sweatshops Globally

Terror strategy 'spies on innocent'

Volvo providing armored buses for Israeli settlements


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Penny said...

I took that 'what is your political news IQ"

I scored in the 2 percent, above the 98 percent, I got all the answers right.

And I am not bragging, because all I thought of was how sad that was, that 98 percent of people couldn't score 100 percent, because those were high coverage news stories.
Nothing obscure about them.

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