Thursday, October 22, 2009


Tesco in the USA

The supermarket chain Tesco operates in the USA and throughout the world. (International operations)

Tesco is the largest private employer in the UK.

The chief executive of Tesco is Sir Terry Leahy.

Sir Terry has attacked the UK government for its "woeful" education record. (education 'woeful'.)

Sir Terry may have found that some of his UK employees are poorly educated.

Maybe Tesco is badly managed and hopeless at choosing the right people.

UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron has cited Tesco as a model for how to run an effective government. (

Cameron is surely making a mistake.

We view TESCO as the world's worst supermarket.

When we arrive at Tesco we find there are no trolleys.

Some of the goods on the shelves are untidily stacked.

Customer relations are unsmiling and avoid eye contact.

There are queues at the checkout.

The paella we have bought tastes of lard.

Tesco has become too big and we suspect that Sir Terry is powerless to prevent a decline in standards.

aangirfan: Time to boycott Tesco?


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subrosa said...

I my town Tesco is the 'main' supermarket with another much smaller Sommerfield nearby.

Sommerfield is where I do my very basic shopping and I prefer to go to Dundee or Perth to Morrisons (or really anywhere other than Tesco) for my main shopping. About a round trip of 40 miles right enough but worth it for me.

Just detest the shelves full of Tesco products ie try and find some Arm & Hammer toothpaste is even the biggest Tesco. Takes 15 minutes I promise you.

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