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A UK Member of Parliament, John Hemming, has taken an on-the-run whistleblower, Stuart Syvret, into his home in London.

Stuart Syvret is the former health minister on the island of Jersey.

Syvret blew the whistle on child abuse on the island of Jersey.

He leaked a police report into an aborted investigation. There were claims that police had been obstructed from interviewing witnesses by the island’s attorney general. (Birmingham MP John Hemming gives refuge to whistleblower)


David Warcup is the UK police officer put in charge of the investigation into child abuse on the island of Jersey. (aangirfan: Jersey child abuse; Northumbria Police; Operation Rose)

Warcup claimed that no children were murdered at the Haut de la Garenne children's home on Jersey. (nona-people: Warcup and Gradwell and lots of murdered children)

Anonymous left this comment on the post "Jersey child abuse; Northumbria Police; Operation ..."

Mr. David Warcup was in the Northumbria Police Force when the case of alleged child abuse against the Rev. Peter Lister (formerly of Morpeth/Stobhill, then Yoxall/Derbyshire, now Bishops Tachbrook/Warwickshire) mysteriously collapsed on the morning of trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

The R vs. Rev Peter Lister case details (Newcastle Crown Court) are worth a read, a classic example of stopping a child abuse case at the very last minute: inaccurate (or should that be clever?) police work stops the details of alleged child abuse by a vicar from being heard in an open court.

Perhaps it's a coincidence that the Reverend Peter Lister was the Director of Education, Lichfield Diocese, and in charge of hundreds of schools and youth projects. He has now taken early retirement.

Two months after Northumbria Police were alerted to the need to investigate Rev Peter Lister, the body of Gladys Hammond was dug up from the graveyard of Yoxall's parish vicar... Another coincidence.

The Rev. Jenny Lister has now left Yoxall and plays an active role within The Mothers Union in Bishops Tachbrook. The Mothers Union is an organsiation that, amongst other things, gives counselling to the victims of sexual abuse.


In England, Terence Grange was national police spokesman on child protection and sex offenders.

In 2007, UK police chief Terence Grange was investigated in connection with his police force’s dismissal of child abuse claims against a judge.

Terence Grange, of the Dyfed-Powys Police, was accused by the judge’s ex-wife of allowing his professional relationship with the judge to influence the force’s treatment of the claims.

Grange resigned after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) launched investigations into alleged financial irregularities and alleged misuse of a work computer.

The judge’s ex wife claimed the judge had given a child a sexually transmitted disease, viewed child porn and misused transcripts from child abuse cases that he had presided over. (Child abuse cover-up allegations over top policeman who quit ...)

aangirfan: Jersey Child Abuse and the Jersey Police



Irish child abuse: The Ryan Report cover-up


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Zoompad said...

Oh Ang, I wish I had known about this before! I am one of those cases in Stafford that Stafford police dismissed, and I got tortured. I dont sleep very well and have an eating disorder, I have PTSD and noone cares except my blogging friends.

I phoned up Peter Garsden yesterday, and was shocked by his dismissive and callous arttitude, also by the way he lied to me.

John Hemming, he allowed me to be bulloied and abused on the Mothers For Justice blogsite by scumbags vsuch as Paul Randall Jollief, who is friends with Oliver Cyriax who defended paedophiles in the Operation Ore investigation. Hemming is also a friend of Cyriax.

I am sick of the duplicity. I am really fed up of paedoscum.

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