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For the first time in the USA, hospitals, university health systems, and the state of New York, are requiring health care workers to get the flu vaccine. (NY Health Workers Protest Mandatory Vaccines / Some Nurses Say No to Mandatory Flu Shots)

Some employees are not happy about this.

At the end of September 2009, hundreds of people took to the New York state capitol to protest the regulation making the annual influenza vaccination and the forthcoming H1N1 vaccine (Swine Flu) mandatory for state health care workers.

Research published in the August 25 issue of the British Medical Journal revealed that more than half of doctors and nurses in UK public hospitals would refuse the H1N1 vaccine, due to concerns about side effects and doubts about its efficacy. (Swine Flu Or A Dangerous Untested Vaccine? The Choice Is Yours.)

pentos left the following comment on a recent post:

A few months ago, Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister filed criminal charges against the World Health Organisation, the UN and a pharmaceutical company, Baxter International, for the attempted mass murder of hundreds of thousands of us.

Baxter International apparently distributed 75 kilos of LIVE 'Avian Flu' (H5N1) within doses of alleged swine flu vaccine.

Because of the strict controls required to licence production of vaccines, the chances of this having occurred by accident are effectively zero.

It was only through the vigilance of Czech technicians that it was spotted before doing untold damage across 18 countries.

Apparently Baxter have faced no repercussions at all for this, and the mainstream media did not even think it worthy of a mention.

One can't help feeling it should have been headline news globally.

Baxter are, I understand, one of two companies set to supply the UK with its stocks of Swine Flu "vaccine".

Apparently Swine Flu does not, and has never occurred spontaneously in nature, and it appears the strain H1N1 can only have been manufactured in a laboratory.

There is not ONE confirmed case of a pig infected with it anywhere in the world.

Baxter too have something of a chequered past - they are the same company who were responsible for the distribution of thousands of blood products tainted with HIV, which led to the deaths of many men women and children.

They continued the distribution of these products even after the contamination was known.

Its also perhaps telling that Baxter won a patent for H1N1 vaccine in 2007, long before the disease had ever come to prominence.

Following her research, Burgermeister believes we are about to be assaulted by the eugenics policy often discussed by the likes of the Club Of Rome, to ‘cull’ the human population of the planet to a more "manageable" level, disguised as an immunisation program response to a fake pandemic of their making.

Whether this is the case or is just another instance of blind corporate greed, makes no difference - the threat remains the same.

This is a link to Jane Burgermeister's website, where the entire case is laid out in great detail, cross-referred to many sources, and which is updated regularly throughout each day. The Flu

As you will be able to see, there is a fast-growing international resistance movement.

This is a link to an interview with her in Vienna recently. You Tube Interview

This is incredibly important information, and if even one tenth of it is true, there is very little time to avert what could be a catastrophe unparalleled in modern history.

There is a mass rally tomorrow (3.10.09) in London from noon outside parliament.

There is another next week in Paris - check Burgermeister's website for details.



McGonagall said...

Never had a flu shot - never will.

pentos said...

Unfortunately it may not be that simple.
When the WHO declared a level 6 pandemic in June of this year, the signatory countries to the WHO treaty, at that moment, lost the right to self-determination as, from that point on all systems of government came under the control of the WHO: Health service, police even the military.

There are very few countries which are not signatories to the WHO treaty.
What this means in practice, is that if the WHO decide that everyone must have the "vaccine" to tackle this "pandemic", then the shot would become mandatory, and subject to police or military intervention to enforce if necessary.

If you don't want your loved ones injected with an untested and potentially lethal cocktail, perhaps even a deliberately murderous one, then now is the time to make a stand.
Because in a few weeks you may not be able to.


constant gina said...

yes..Swine Flu vaccine...nice..!!!

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