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Within Sight of the White House (Hooker's Division).

1. Mikhail Prokhorov is one of the richest men in Russia.

In September 2009 he made an offer to buy a controlling interest in the New Jersey Nets, a professional basketball team.

At an annual two-week Christmas party for the Russian rich at the French Alpine resort of Courchevel in January 2007, he was arrested for allegedly arranging prostitutes for his guests.

2. Reportedly, BP executives working for Lord Browne "spent millions of pounds on champagne-fuelled sex parties to help secure lucrative international oil contracts." - Hookers, spies, cases full of BP spent £45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights

3. In 2006, an article at Asia Times referred to Jihadis and whores

According to this article:

In Iran, rural misery and urban squalor "drive Iranian women into the brothels of Dubai and Brussels."

There has been a proliferation of Iranian prostitutes in Western Europe as well as the Arab world.

A European Commission survey of human trafficking found that Iranian women made up 10-15% of the prostitutes working in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

The ADNKronos website reported on April 25:

"Prostitution is on the rise in Iran ... The age of prostitutes is increasingly younger, and girls as young as 12 are selling their bodies on Iran's streets.

"Overall, the number of prostitutes is also on the rise and there are an estimated 300,000 of them in Tehran alone ...

"The clerical regime vacillates between repressing prostitution and sanctioning it through 'temporary marriages', an arrangement permitted under Shi'ite jurisprudence. In the latter case the Muslim clergy in effect become pimps, taking a fee for sanctioning several 'temporary marriages' per women per day...

"From Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur to Sarajevo to Tirana, the criminals who trade in women overlap with jihadist networks."

4. On 27 September 2009, the Sunday Times (UK) had an article about stately homes and sexy parties

From this we learn:

A titled gentleman offers his 15-bedroom mansion to porn directors at about £5,000 a time.

He also rents his home to Emma Sayle, the owner of a club for the 'sexually elite'.

According to Sayle: "At our parties, the clientele are elite, high-end, good-looking City-boy types. They might be in advertising or media and need venues to entertain clients...

"One castle contacted us about two years ago. They said, 'We’ve got a large vaulted dungeon and you can use it if you like.' At the time we were putting together various fantasies, like kidnapping scenarios, and it was obvious — we’ll use it for dungeon breaks."

The 'dungeon breaks' cost guests £3,000

They 'offer the latest S&M paraphernalia'.

A multimillionaire estate agent thought he was renting out his house for innocent parties and weddings.

He returned to his home to find topless dancers, a 'priest', masks and cloaks.

According to Sayle, "We get contacted quite a lot by people in other countries offering us their venues..." including a house in Chamonix and a luxury yacht in Istanbul.

5. On 27 September 2009, the News of the World (UK) had the headline: Liverpool millionaire supplies cocaine and £150-an-hour hookers

According to this story:

George Cullen, a millionaire security expert, works at the heart of Liverpool Football Club.

He runs an electronic ticketing system, used by more than one club. His business keeps personal data on supporters using turnstiles.

His system is installed at Falkirk, Dunfermline and St Mirren football clubs in Scotland.

He has a deal to install it at Santos in Brazil, one of the stadiums that will host the 2014 World Cup.

According to the News of the World, he supplies cocaine and £150-an-hour prostitutes to clients to help seal his business deals.

He told undercover reporters who posed as owners of a foreign stadium: "I brought some (coke) with me. It's £100 a gram. Peruvian flake. It's as good as you can get . . . just let me know how much you want."

6. The Scotland on Sunday newspaper reported on Pentagon Sex Slaves!

Madeleine Rees, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bosnia, referred to the reported involvement in sex crimes of UN officials, international peacekeepers and police.

Rees accused Jacques Paul Klein, the former head of the UN Mission in Bosnia, of not taking UN complicity in the country’s burgeoning sex trade seriously enough.

There has been large scale trafficking of girls in Bosnia, some as young as 12.

The girls have been taken from their homes in eastern Europe by criminal gangs and brought to Bosnia.

The trade in ‘sex slaves’ was fuelled by the arrival of tens of thousands of UN personnel in 1995.

Rees said: "Visiting brothels where women have been gang-raped into submission, into slavery, is not part of the UN’s mandate.

"Without an enforceable code of conduct, immunity often means impunity. We should look at ways of waiving that immunity.

"I would be very happy to see the possibility of prosecutions for rape or assault in the UK. There is no question this should happen."

Rees, who has served in Bosnia since 1998, said she had encountered stiff opposition from western officials in her attempts to tackle the trafficking of women.

" They don’t want to know about it," she said.

"There is this whole ‘boys will be boys’ attitude about men visiting brothels. There’s a culture inside the UN where you can’t criticise it. That goes all the way to the top."

Rees testified in support of Kathryn Bolkovac, a UN police officer who was sacked for exposing the sexual abuse of women and children in Bosnia by her colleagues.

Bolkovac’s former employer DynCorp, an American security firm which supplied staff to the UN, was forced to pay £110,000 in compensation.

The chairman of the British employment tribunal which heard the case described DynCorp as "callous, spiteful and vindictive".

Bolkovac revealed UN peacekeepers went to nightclubs where young girls were forced to dance naked and have sex with customers, and that UN personnel and international aid workers were linked to prostitution rings in the Balkans.


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