Friday, October 02, 2009

Peter Pan's house saved

Britain will soon have a major new tourist attraction!

On 2 October 2009 it was announced that Peter Pan's house is to be saved from the bulldozers

Moat Brae, the house in Dumfries that inspired J M Barrie's Peter Pan, has been saved from demolition.

It has been bought by the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust, which is backed by actress Joanna Lumley. (Help Save Moat Brae)

Moat Brae was where J M Barrie played as a child.

The Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust aims to raise more than £2 million to restore the property.

Joanna Lumley said: "To have such a strong literary link with the greatest fairy story of all time is thrilling.

"I'm delighted that the efforts to save this beautiful little house for Dumfries' sake have been successful."

Trust chairman Roger Windsor said: "It was Peter Pan who said 'Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough'.

"The wishing and the hard work by a dedicated team has set us on the road.

"Work has already commenced to reestablish Neverland on the banks of the Nith, and to restore this beautiful house as a cultural inspiration, and I am confident that with people like Joanna on board we are going to succeed."

J M Barrie, while a pupil at Dumfries Academy in the 1870s, played pirates in the Moat Brae garden beside the River Nith.

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