Monday, October 19, 2009


Fascist militias are sometimes used by governments to do their dirty work.

According to Chris Ford (British Nationalism and the rise of Fascism):

"The first movement of 20th century fascism emerged in 1910 to enforce the unity of the United Kingdom...

"Sir Edward Carson, raised the 80,000 strong UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) in defence of empire and against unpatriotic socialists and papist nationalists...

"Field Marshall Wilson set up the Specials, a force of 48,000 drawn from the old UVF and Cromwell Clubs.

"Lloyd George described them as analogous to the fascisti in Italy.

"In the years 1920 to 1922 these British fascists forced 23,000 people from their homes and killed 400 in a campaign of ethnic cleansing."

If you think of the Orange Order, you might think of Ulster, the Kincora Boys Home, Clockwork Orange and MI5. (Kincora Boys /Gay King Billy)

On 18 October 2009, Scotland on Sunday tells us that the Orange Order will mobilise to defend the Union

The Orange Order has 50,000 members in Scotland.

Reportedly, the order will encourage its members to help the Labour Party with everything from leafleting to licking envelopes.

Grand Master Ian Wilson said the order would do anything in its power to save Scotland's union with England, even if that meant "getting into bed with Labour".

Wilson said that Orange lodges in Fife had played a key role in helping Labour 'win' the Glenrothes by-election.

The Labour party's strongest base is the west coast Catholic community.

The SNP's John Mason says: "There really is a funny side to this when you bear in mind quite a few senior Labour politicians, while backing the Union of Scotland and England, are openly Nationalist in an Irish context, which is what animates the order."

The Orange Order has seen decades of gentle decline.



Penny said...

aangirfan- an aside, and not really on topic, but, do you sometimes think in your 'school girl' way, that everything is just bullshit.

All of it. Like there is some perception management going on constantly?

Why am I asking you, I don't know?

I guess, it is on my mind, then I come I read your info, and I am like, god darn there it is again!

BTW: that piece I put up on Obama's nobel war prize made me think of what you had posted on Nobel and how he made his money of death and destruction, and then I thought, maybe the peace prize is really a war prize, in a double speak manner and that Obama was then thereby deserving of the award, and the joke was on all of us...
sorry, rambling..

Anon said...

Life is confusing at times.

- Aangirfan

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