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1. Who benefits from Iraq's oil?

Not the average Iraqi.

2. Who benefits from Norway's oil?

The average Norwegian.

"Norway's consistently high rating for desirable living standards, is, in large part, the result of the discovery of offshore oil and gas deposits in the late 1960s." (Norway is 'the best place to live')

3. Who benefits from Scotland's oil?

Not the people of the Calton area of Glasgow where the average life expectancy of a male is just 53.9 years.

This is lower than in most Third World countries. (In Iraq, life expectancy is 67. Minutes from Glasgow city centre ...)


UK civil servants calculated that North Sea oil could boost incomes in an independent Scotland by up to 30%.

This is according to government records made public, 0n 28 September 2009, at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Oil ownership would boost income by 30% / Documents reveal that oil could mean an independent Scotland

The Scottish National Party's Brian Adam commented:

"Scotland’s oil industry has a bright future with an estimated 30 billion barrels of oil still to be extracted, new technology developing and a central role in the global oil industry.

"There is as much oil left in the North Sea as has been taken out of it – and much more than half of the revenues.

"Scotland’s oil industry has a positive future.

"With the UK making £250 billion of revenue from North Sea oil over the last 30 years in real terms, it is now time to ensure that future revenues are invested properly for Scotland’s future."

False flag operation in Glasgow?

Who is going to get Scotland's oil?

The BBC tells us about
War games over a territory dispute

"The scenario involves three nations fighting over disputed territory.

"State-sponsored terrorism will also be introduced to the exercise, along with a period of built-up tension, followed by simulated war fighting and open hostilities."

subrosa-blonde.blogspot/ reminds us that Scotland's Oil Isn't Running Out

(Credit to Jeanne Tomlin for her astute observation.)

Subrosa writes:

How often do we hear the Westminster government saying oil is running out in the waters round our shores?

It's an argument used by the UK government to persuade Scots that their 'pot of liquid gold' will soon be no longer.

Therefore, it's little wonder this story hasn't received a mention in the Scottish or English dead tree press or from TV or radio broadcasters.

Faroe Petroleum, the independent oil and gas company focusing principally on exploration, appraisal and undeveloped field opportunities in the Atlantic margin, the North Sea and Norway, is pleased to announce the results of the side track appraisal well on the recent Glenlivet gas discovery, West of Shetland.

The side track was successfully drilled and confirmed the lateral extent of the high quality gas bearing reservoir.

Based on the preliminary logging data, the results exceed the prognosed net gas column and reservoir quality.

The partnership has decided to drill a second side track appraisal well.

Graham Stewart, CE of Faroe Petroleum commented:

The Glenlivet well is the first of a firm five-well Atlantic Margin exploration drilling programme which Faroe is undertaking over the coming months.

On Tuesday 29 September, Faroe announced the spud of the second well in the programme, operated by OMV, which will test the Tornado oil prospect, located close to BP's producing Schiehallion field.

Following Tornado we are scheduled to drill three further high impact exploration wells, the Anne Marie oil prospect in the Faroes (operated by Eni), the Cardhu oil prospect in the UK (operated by BP) and the Lagavulin oil prospect in the UK (operated by Chevron).


Longannet plant loses out on £160m carbon capture fund

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