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Honduras 100
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Mercenaries and paramilitaries arrive in Honduras

Honduras Defacto Regime Opens fire in Poor neighborhoods

Jailed farmers go on hunger strike in Honduras



Gately of Irish boy band Boyzone dies in Mallorca

In April 2006 Stephen Gately took on the role of The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury. In 2008, Gately appeared in the independent horror film, Credo which was released in the United States as Devil's Curse. - Stephen Gately - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The lost children

Each year, 275,000 Britons disappear

Sweatshop Conditions in US Cities

Obama as World’s #1 terrorist, #1 war criminal, #1 child killer, #1 Drug Pusher & #1 Drug Lord

US lawmakers pass 680-billion-dollar defense budget bill

In an independent Scotland, "RAF bases, such as those at Leuchars and Lossiemouth, could be shared between Scottish and English fighter jets."

Redford Barracks in Edinburgh and Fort George in Inverness could contain English soldiers as well as Scottish ones.

45 Commando Royal Marines could stay at its Arbroath base.

An independent Scotland would reserve the right to "stand aside" from wars it opposed.

The Scottish National Party refused to support the war in Iraq and the Nato invasion of Kosovo.

An independent Scotland would have the right to remove Trident submarines from Scottish waters. - SNP will let English keep military bases - Scotland on Sunday

Youngest hospital boss who is earning £155k aged just 32... and the NHS chief aged 52 who happens to be her fianc√©

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The UK's Conservative Party (Tories) have criticised the UK's useless criminal justice system, its loony welfare state, its sometimes pathetic education system, and some of its involvement with the European Union.

"The problem is that these disasters are largely the Tory Party’s fault.

"It was the Tories, in 1991, who introduced dishonest prison sentences, actually half as long as they looked, and automatic early release.

"Earlier, in 1984, they passed the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, a liberal anti-police measure whose codes of practice are the origin of most of the red tape they claim now to be against.

"And they too are responsible for the creation of the GCSE exam, the one which asks questions about sausages. Also for the destruction of most of the grammar schools...

"In 18 years of government, they didn’t have the guts to end the subsidies which continue to create fatherless families each year by the thousand, the real, central threat to marriage, the family, social stability, morality and order.

"They took us into the EU in the first place, then into the Single European Act, then into Maastricht.

"Now, their contortions over the EU constitution are a device to hide the fact that, much as they like to bang on about Europe in Opposition, they will be its keen enforcers in government." - PETER HITCHENS: The Tories are racing to cloud cuckoo land. /via Manchester - Mail on Sunday.

Curtis Warren "was nicked for trying to bring into Britain £150m of cocaine inside ingots of lead.

"A year later he walked free on a technicality

"He returned to Liverpool, where the drug gangs began sorting out a few differences. The feuding saw 10 fatal shootings...

"One night in 1996... Dutch special services roared in with stun grenades. He was convicted and served 11 years. (He would have got out sooner, except that, during an exercise-yard fracas, he kicked a fellow inmate to death.)" The strange case of the drug baron's adoring press

Britain's Power Elites


The 'much praised' democratic process 'is but a sham'.



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