Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Every Move

Kids at Bagram by Olly Lambert

Windows 7 Will Let Microsoft Track Your Every Move

Sumatra: "A few Red Cross workers passed through to survey the damage and then a handful of government officials appeared to hand everyone a single small packet of cooked rice." -Corruption Dims Sumatra Quake Survivors’ Hopes for Help

Israel’s largest defense company opens office in Azerbaijan

Germany Sells, Delivers Two More Dolphin Subs to Israel

France Records 13% Rise in Arms Sales

The demise of the dollar

Saudi Bank Governor Denies Talks to Replace Dollar

The Great Poisoning of America Begins, October 2009

Ahmadinejad has no Jewish roots

In the UK, the Tory (Conservative Party) proposes to make huge cuts in government spending. Reportedly, this could help bring about Scottish independence.

"The SNP are well ahead of Labour in the polls, while the Tories' situation remains dire. Cameron ... cannot expect more than one or two MPs from Scotland...

"Salmond ... has been wooing the financiers and banks to rebuild Scotland's place as a financial centre. And he speaks, again and again, about the importance to Scotland of Europe...

"Cameron ... loathes the idea of being the last ever prime minister of the United Kingdom." -Cameron could well be the last ever UK prime minister Jackie Ashley

Some historians believe that, in the 1930s, Germany was appeased so that it would eventually get itself involved in a war with Russia, a war that would weaken both Germany and Russia.

"While Europe and Asia were ravaged by war the US inversely grew economically.

"The UK and US also deliberately delayed their invasion of Europe, calculating that it would weaken the USSR who did most of the fighting in the Eastern Front.

"The abiding Anglo-American strategic mentality of weakening Eurasia explains the Russian mind frame for protecting themselves through protecting their European core and aiming to achieve Eurasian unity." - The Anglo-US Drive into Eurasia and the Demonization of Russia

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