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Undated newspaper photo of a Muslim brigade of the Muslim Army marching in a military parade in Zenica, central Bosnia (Bosnian Newspaper: Al-Qaeda smuggling weapons into Croatia)

There are German fascist links to Islamists in Egypt and in Pakistan.

Asia Times, 4 December 2002, had an article on Islamism, fascism and terrorism.

According to this article:

1. King Farouk brought large numbers of German ex-Nazis into Egypt as advisors.

Some of these began working with the Muslim Brotherhood and with Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In 1951, the CIA's Kermit Roosevelt was working with Nasser.

2. When Farouk was toppled in 1952, by people linked to Nasser, Newsweek commented that, "The most intriguing aspect (of) the revolt ... was the role played in the coup by the large group of German advisors serving with the Egyptian army ... The young officers who did the actual planning consulted the German advisors as to 'tactics' ... This accounted for the smoothness of the operation."


3. After Farouk was toppled, the CIA reinforced Nasser's existing Germans with additional ones.

CIA boss Allen Dulles turned to ex-Nazi Reinhard Gehlen, who hired former SS colonel Otto Skorzeny to help Egypt.

Egypt became a safe haven for Nazi war criminals. The CIA's Miles Copeland worked closely with Nasser.

On 25 September 2009, The Telegraph (UK) reported that Pakistan has discovered a 'village' of white German al-Qaeda insurgents

According to this article:

Pakistan has discovered a group of White German jihadis in a village in Waziristan, a part of Pakistan where the Taliban is strong.

The village is run by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Abu Adam, the public face, in Germany, of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

Abu Adam is the public face, in Germany, of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

A German foreign ministry spokesman told The Daily Telegraph they were negotiating with Pakistani authorities for the release of six Germans, including "Adrian M", a white Muslim convert.

They are being held in Peshawar after their arrest in May 2009.

"Abu Adam" may be of Turkish descent.

Adam received weapons training from the German army as part of his national service.

He later spent three years training at the Federal Office of Statistics.

According to an article at Wkipedia (CIA activities in Uzbekistan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), the CIA promoted the Muslim religion in Uzbekistan (Coll,Steve (2005). Ghost Wars. Penguin. pp. pp. 104–105.)


Some of the Mumbai gunmen appear to have been beer-drinking white men, according to a BBC report.

According to the BBC, 27 November 2008 (BBC NEWS Mumbai attackers create 'killing zone'):

"The 'foreign looking, fair skinned' men, as Mr Mishra remembers them, simply carried on killing...

"Officials say that of the more than 100 people who died in Wednesday’s attacks by a group of unidentified gunmen, the majority of the dead were commuters waiting to get on to trains at the station...

"Three men walked into the cafe, drank beer, settled their bills and walked out. Then they fished out guns from their bags and began firing.

"Gaffar Abdul Amir, an Iraqi tourist from Baghdad, says he saw at least two men who started the firing outside the Leopold Cafe.

"He was returning to his hotel from the seaside with a friend when he saw two men carrying bags and brandishing AK-47s walking in front of them, shooting.

"'They did not look Indian, they looked foreign. One of them, I thought, had blonde hair. The other had a punkish hairstyle. They were neatly dressed,' says Mr Amir."

Reinhard Gehlen, who employed hundreds of ex-Nazis

At this source: FAKE AL QAEDA ACTOR EXPOSED, we read:

"In their book Every Spy a Prince, Israeli writers Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman report that Gehlen established a very close relationship between his organization and the Mossad during his tenure as chief of BND (German intelligence)...

"Among Israel's links to the European fascists have been the Italian P2 (Propaganda Due) Freemasonic lodge and the Gladio, a counter-guerilla organization with which the lodge had close relations.

"Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad spy, reveals Mossad-P2-Gladio secrets... Ostrovsky writes that Licio Gelli, the notorious master of the P2 Freemasonic lodge, was the Mossad's "ally" in Italy, as was the P2 lodge he directed, as well as the Gladio organization, with which he had close connections. During the 1980s, the Mossad traded arms via Italy, using the Gelli-P2-Gladio connection."

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Dulles imported Nazis after WWII through somehting called Operation Paperclip. Thus, fascists infiltrated all strata of American life in the years after the war.

Tim Fleming
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