Thursday, October 29, 2009



The poster shows widow Hester Wright, 22, and her son Josh.

Josh is holding a portrait of his dead soldier dad.

The poster originally read: "For their sake, wear a poppy".

Someone changed one version of it outside Gillingham railway station, in Kent, in England.

A number of other Poppy Appeal posters have been changed to make the original message read "For their sake, bring them home". (Poppy Poster 1)


kenny said...

I know that the original meaning of the poppy is a remembrance for the war dead but the meaning has changed. The poppy is now the symbol of Afghanistan as the opium capital of the world and the hundreds of billions in blood money that the occupiers are there to protect.

Bring them home. Prosecute all wall criminals.

Anonymous said...

B.Liar has blood on his hands for taking our lads into an illegal war, well let the law do its duty, prosecute him for war crimes, his side kick Bully Bush will get away with murder, we are stronger than that, get Blair to answer his actions.
Prosecute ALL war crimes, Blair,Darfur criminals, Israeli's in legal uniforms war criminals, ALL let none hide behind a goverment title.

Anonymous said...

Lying bliar is the greedy, slippery snake who lied to the british people and is now squirming his way to eu.
A disgrace to uk.
Brilliant job on the poster, that's what the majority of uk population really consider bliar.A WAR CRIMINAL.

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