Friday, October 23, 2009


"Alarming is the report by Robert Dreyfuss in the October 29 Rolling Stone that Obama is currently facing an ultimatum from the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs: either provide General McChrystal with the 40,000 additional troops he has publicly demanded, or 'face a full-scale mutiny by his generals... The president, it seems, is battling two insurgencies: one in Afghanistan and one cooked up by his own generals.'...

"The similarities between the painful choices that Obama now faces in Afghanistan – to escalate, maintain a losing status quo, or begin to withdraw – and the same equally painful choices that Kennedy in 1963 faced in Vietnam. More and more books in recent years have asked if some disgruntled hawks in the CIA and Pentagon did not participate in the assassination which led to a wider Vietnam War." - The JFK Assassination: New York Times Acknowledges CIA Deceptions

Government to get special swine flu vaccine - The Local

No proof swine flu is getting deadlier despite death toll

Brit UN nuclear expert may have been murdered, police say

Nine-month nightmare for school helper hauled to court after marching yob from class

Facing the sack, the teacher fined £1,500 for hauling pupil from class for telling racist joke

White Kenyan aristocrat who killed black poacher on family estate released from prison after eight months

The bad guys are getting away with it?


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