Sunday, October 25, 2009

Expect a certain security service to plant evidence that Iran was involved?

On 25 October 2009, it was revealed that Scottish prosecutors and police are to organise a further probe into the Lockerbie Bombing. (Lockerbie bombing under police review)

Unfortunately, they will not re-examine Megrahi's conviction but will instead aim to identify others who may have worked with him.

Dr Jim Swire lost a daughter in the Lockerbie Bombing.

Dr Swire said: "I think that if they are really going to a meaningful investigation then that is all well and good and long overdue. I would be all for it.

"But if it is just a dodge to prevent an investigation into why the lives of those killed were not protected then I would be livid."

It is probably a dodge.

It was first announced in the Sunday Telegraph, which is alleged to have links to MI6.

Expect a certain security service to plant evidence that Iran was involved.

The existing evidence against Iran would appear to be totally fake Mossad disinformation.

Ahmed Jibril, of the PFLP-GC, is alleged to have received $11 million from Iran. (Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103: Facts.)

However, a banking audit trail to confirm the payment has never been presented. (disinformation about Iran?)

In 1986 there was a bomb in a Berlin disco.

German TV exposed the CIA, Mossad links to the 1986 Berlin La Belle disco bombing.

Victor Ostrovsky, former Mossad agent, testified that Mossad set up a transmitter in Tripoli to generate a false signal about the "success" of the Berlin disco bomb and thus falsely implicate Libya. (MORE EVIDENCE ON LOCKERBIE APPEARS TO IMPLICATE THE CIA)

Mossad wanted the Berlin disco bomb to be blamed on Libya rather than the CIA and Mossad.

PFLP-GC, part of the left-wing, secular Palestinian national liberation movement, was supposed to have been used by Iran.

However, it is unlikely that Iran would use "a secular, even Marxist, Arab nationalist" member of a Palestinian cell to attack the USA. (MORE EVIDENCE ON LOCKERBIE APPEARS TO IMPLICATE THE CIA)

Libya was framed and now Iran may be framed, but the evidence points to misdeeds by the CIA and the Scottish criminal justice system. ($2m witness payment, bogus forensic evidence and Pentagon memo blaming Iran: How Lockerbie bomber appeal threatened Scottish justice)

The police who will examine the Lockerbie evidence are the famous Dumfries and Galloway police. (Dumfries and Galloway drugs shame - Dumfries and Galloway Standard) LOL.

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