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In 1962, Egypt's President Nasser was plotting against Saudi Arabia.

Reportedly, Nasser was put into power in Egypt by the CIA. (the CIA operative,Gamal Abdel Nasser...s)

According to Stewart Copeland, the CIA's Miles Copeland helped Egypt's Nasser to organize a secret service.

Miles Copeland's office was next door to Nasser's and they became very close friends. (.Stewart copeland Inside Out - Kollected Works.)

Reportedly, the CIA sent Paul Linebarger to Egypt to organise Radio Cairo's anti-American propaganda. Reportedly, Linebarger helped devise news stories and editorials which appeared to be pro-Soviet but which in fact made the Soviets look stupid.

US Secretary of State Dulles, and the CIA, reportedly, were fans of Nasser.

At what point did Nasser's nationalism upset the USA?

According to Steve Coll, in 'The Bin Ladens' (Penguin 2008), Saudi Arabia's King Saud was flirting with Soviet Russia in 1962.

In 1962, according to Steve Coll, "Nasser inspired an Arab nationalist revolution in Yemen and then intervened in that country with tens of thousands of Egyptian troops, igniting a proxy war with Saudi Arabia.

"Nasser cranked up his propaganda broadcasts attacking the Al-Saud, launching aerial bombing raids on saudi territory ... and conspired with sympathetic Saudi princes to overthrow the government in Riyadh..."

On whose side was President Kennedy?

According to Steve Coll, "Kennedy doubled aid to Nasser's regime."

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, right, meets Russia's President Vladimir Putin, left, in the king’s palace in Riyadh. Photo: Dmitry Azarov

In August 2009, there was an attempted assassination of Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, Saudi Arabia's deputy interior minister for security affairs.

The bomber was Abdullah Asiri, a Saudi.

(Al-Qaida (CIA) stumbles in Saudi)

Who wants to break up Saudi Arabia?

In July 2004, Tanya C. Hsu, at Global Research, wrote: Who Really Wants to Invade Saudi Arabia, and Why?

Acording to Hsu:

1. In 1973, the Nixon regime had a plan for a possible US attack on Saudi Arabia in order to grab its oil.

This plan was entitled 'UK Eyes Alpha'.

Britain's MI5 and MI6 had copies of the documents and they were declassified in 2003.

2. In February 1975, Britain's Sunday Times revealed details of the Pentagon's 'Dhahran Option Four', which was about a possible invasion of Saudi Arabia.

On 7 October 2009, Robert Fisk, at The Independent (UK) wrote about the plan to de-dollarise the oil market. (Robert Fisk: A financial revolution.)

He suggested that certain countries were unhappy with "America's decades-long political as well as economic world dominance."

According to Fisk, "Saudi Arabia has been quietly co-ordinating its defence, armaments and oil policies with the Russians since 2007."

Putin in Saudia Arabia: Russia and the Middle East

Power is shifting away from the USA towards countries such as China.

On 2 August 2009, it was reported that, in Saudi Arabia, a coup attempt by Prince Bandar has 'failed'

Saad al-Faqih, head of the opposition group Islamic Reform Movement, told Arab-language TV al-Alam that Saudi officials had uncovered a plot by Bandar to topple King Abdullah.

Reportedly Bandar had planned to use 200 agents, working for the Saudi security service, to stage a coup.

Reportedly Bandar was put under house arrest.

Prince Bandar is said to be a friend of both Mossad and the CIA.


"Some Israeli financiers have been expressing interest over the past two years in non-dollar Arab bank investments." (Robert Fisk: A financial revolution with profound political implications)

Prince Bandar turned coat in favor of Vladimir Putin 's Russia?


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