Monday, October 19, 2009


Was Indonesia's President Suharto toppled by 'People Power' or by the CIA? According to Paul Blustein's The Chastening, in the late 1990s Lawrence Summers, along with Paul Wolfowitz, pushed for regime change in Indonesia.[9]

The marines of Indonesia and the United States conducted a joint amphibious landing exercise in East Java on 18 October 2009 - Indonesia, US launch joint amphibious landing exercise

On 17 October 2009, Indonesia's PresidentYudhoyono talked to 16 people believed to be part of his next Cabinet lineup. Among them were former chief commander of the Indonesian Military (TNI) Marshall (ret.) Djoko Suyanto, State Secretary and former Golkar legislator Agung Laksono. - Politicians likely to dominate Yudhoyono's next Cabinet

German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special Vaccine Without Soft Kill Ingredients

Russia, Bolivia to launch gas joint venture

"In its strongest reaction to the rise of Scottish Nationalism yet, Grand Master Ian Wilson said the order would do anything in its power to save Scotland's 302-year-old union with England, even if that meant 'getting into bed with Labour'". - Orange Order mobilise to defend Union

Stephen Gately: Nightclub CCTV nails gossip

"Andrew was punching and kicking him. I had to do something. He was kicking him in the head. I managed to drag Andrew off and Stephen ran back to the restaurant to clean himself up.

"There was some blood and he was crying his eyes out. - Louis never forgave hubby for beating

Toxicology tests prove Stephen Gately did not take drugs the night he died

Whenever children start school, teaching will be dire


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