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Are the police and politicians in Indonesia as corrupt as those in the USA and Europe?

The top detective.

Are the police and politicians in Indonesia as corrupt as those in the USA and Europe?

In September 2009, Indonesia's Parliament passed a law weakening Indonesia's Corruption Eradication commission (KPK).

Antasari Azhar was boss of the KPK.

The police charged Antasari with arranging the gangland style assassination of a businessman.

Allegedly, Antasari and the victim had both been sleeping with the same woman, a golf caddy. (Corruption Showdown in Indonesia)

It is possible that Antasari has been framed by the police?

"To applause from the packed public gallery, sacked chief of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Antasari Azhar accused shadowy interests of trying to frame him for the murder to silence the powerful anti-graft body.

"'The murder accusation is clearly an attempt to kill my personal character due to my position as the KPK's chief,' he told the South Jakarta district court in his first opportunity to respond to the charges at his trial." (Indonesian graft fighter slams murder charge)

KPK with President Yudhoyono

Earlier in 2009, the KPK caught on a wiretap the country’s chief detective, Comr. Gen. Susno Duadji, phoning a businessman, Anggoro Widjojo, who was under investigation.

It then emerged that, after the businessman had officially become a fugitive, he and the detective met in Singapore. (Indonesia's anti-corruption commission: Mr Clean's battered broom.)

On 7 October 2009, police investigators cleared the National Police’s chief of detectives of all allegations of abuse of power and conflict of interest, saying the accusations against him could not be substantiated. (Indonesian Police Clear Chief Detective Susno in KPK Case. )

On 14 October 2009, The Jakarta Post reported that many cases under Susno have been dropped

Media reports have recorded dozens of major cases that are unresolved or were dropped by the Bareskrim in the past year.

In March 2009, Susno took over the investigation into a vote fraud case in East Java.

The case was then closed.


Unresolved cases:

2008: Zatapi scandal
2009: Indover bank scandal
2005: Police's 15 problem bank accounts

Closed cases:

2008: voter roll fraud in East Java
2008: 13 illegal logging cases in Riau

Indonesian Police Drop Election Funding Investigation


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