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Indonesia is very similar to the USA.

It was the USA, around 1965, which gave Indonesia its form of government.

The USA has made sure that it is the generals who pull the strings behind the scenes.

Indonesia's special forces Kopassus regiment has been involved in training with Israel's Mossad and with Britain's MI6. (ShadowSpear Special Operations - Komando Pasukan Khusus (Kopassus))

Indonesia's military reportedly has links to the narcotics trade and to the illegal arms trade.

Indonesia's key generals have all been trained in the USA.

Reportedly, for many years, the military has been using Islamist militias to carry out false flag terrorism. (aangirfan: JAKARTA HOTEL BOMBS, THE MILITARY AND THE CIA)

One night in September 2002, three truckloads of men from Indonesia's Kostrad strategic reserve regiment surrounded a police station in the town of Binjai, near Medan. (Inside Indonesia - Brawling, Bombing, and 'Backing')

They shot their way inside and then set fire to the police station.

Sixty-one prisoners escaped and over one ton of marijuana disappeared.

Some of the Kostrad soldiers then drove to the electricity relay station and forced the workers to blackout the city.

The soldiers then attacked another police force in the same area.

The soldiers killed seven policemen and three civilians. (Inside Indonesia - Brawling, Bombing, and 'Backing')

In May 2000, a bomb made by Indonesian weapons company Pindad was found in the Attorney General's office in Jakarta.

The serial number was traced back to the East Java army command.

The bomb was thought to have been planted by men working for Tommy Suharto who was being questioned by the Attorney General around that time. (Inside Indonesia - Brawling, Bombing, and 'Backing' )

In September 2003, the Jakarta Stock Exchange was bombed.

Two members of the military were charged with the bombing. It is likely the explosives used in the blast came from the military. (Inside Indonesia - Brawling, Bombing, and 'Backing' )

Reportedly, Bruce Jones, who is British, captained a ship called the Captain Ufuk.

Reportedly, this ship was smuggling Indonesian weapons into the Philippines, to be used by Islamist rebels.

Bruce Jones has told the authorities that the weapons, worth $2.04 million, were from Pindad, Indonesia's state-owned military equipment manufacturer. (THE PEOPLE WHO ARM THE TERRORISTS?)

Firearms made by state-owned Pindad reach 'criminals' through syndicates who allegedly manage the 'underground' trading in guns. (Jakarta criminals have access to Pindad guns: Police)

According to Jones (Manila Bulletin): "when they loaded the 20 wooden crates of guns into my ship, these were even supervised and guarded by around 50 policemen or soldiers from Indonesia.

"So I presumed it was all legally acquired."

He was told that the cargo had been cleared by the Philippine National Police.

Authorities identified the rifles as Israeli-made Galils.

However, a check by the Bulletin showed they were SSI-VI Pindad, made in Indonesia by a licensee of Fabrique National of Belgium.

The guns are also of a different caliber from Galil. (Manila Bulletin)

Reportedly, Jones has asked the Philippines government for protection, saying the syndicate behind the arms shipment is threatening him and his family. (Manila Bulletin)

The US military needs an excuse to be in the Philippines.

In early July 2009, just days before a visit to Manila by CIA director Leon Panetta, there were bombings on the southern Philippines island of Mindanao.

12 people died.

There were earlier explosions in Manilla.

Michael Meiring, a suspected CIA operative, spent time in the Philippines.

Michael Meiring

In 2002, Meiring injured himself in an explosion in his own hotel room.

A Philippine government investigation determined the centre of the blast came from an assembled bomb kept in a metal box owned by Meiring.

BusinessWorld, a leading Philippine newspaper, published articles accusing Meiring of being a CIA agent involved in covert operations ‘to justify the (recent) stationing of American troops and bases in Mindanao.’

Since December 2000, 671 Filipinos have been killed in bombings.



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