Friday, September 04, 2009


‘Expert’ Predicting Plot to Murder Obama Under Police Scrutiny

AFGHANISTAN: "I do not think the public will accept for much longer that our losses can be justified by simply referring to the risk of greater terrorism on our streets." - Full text: Eric Joyce's resignation - Channel 4 News

JAYCEE: "Two convicted rapists reside on Vine Lane, the street next to Walnut Avenue where Jaycee Lee's imprisonment and sexual abuse went unnoticed for almost two decades... In January, Zion Dutro, a convicted child rapist who lived on Alpha Way, not two miles from Walnut Avenue, appeared in court to plead not guilty to performing rape, sodomy and "lewd acts" on at least eight small girls." - How Jessica's Law turned Antioch into a paedophile ghetto

POLICE AND SOCIAL SERVICES: A very serious assault was carried out while the culprits, "were supposedly under the care of scandal-hit Doncaster Social Services - and on the day that they should have been interviewed by police about an attack a week earlier. The younger of the pair was on bail, his accomplice was being 'monitored' by a youth offending team after being placed on a supervision order." - They were known to be sadistic thugs, so why were brothers, aged 10 and 11, free to torture two innocent boys?

Carbon scandal snares Australian

Pakistan: New US Base in Gharo, Sindh

Mexico and Argentina move towards decriminalising drugs

Portugal's drug policy: Treating, not punishing The Economist

James Traficant - Railroaded out of Congress



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