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Ralph, the leading boy in Lord of the Flies, was found "in a swimming pool in an army camp in Jamaica just four days before filming began." (Lord of the Flies - From the Current )

In Jamaica, there is "a growing trend of underage boys being paid by older women to perform oral sex...

"Checks by THE STAR revealed that boys under 16 years old in at least three inner-city communities, in east Kingston and St. Catherine, are being solicited by older women seeking oral services." (UNDERAGE BOYS SELLING ORAL SEX - Women who buy these services can be charged, cops say )

Picture a white woman in her fifties with a black teenage boy. This scene is from the French film, Heading South.

Today beach resorts in places such as Negril in Jamaica "have become pick-up spots for women tourists...

"Hustling on the beach is the only way that some young men can feed themselves and their families." (Jamaica: Women who travel for sun and sex)

Jamaicans would appear to be generally bisexual and homophobic.

Jamaica was to become, for a time, a place that attracted many reportedly gay men, such as Ian Fleming and Ian's friend Noel Coward.

According to Ian Fleming, Kingston, the capital, "would provide you with every known amorous constellation and permutation." (Ian Fleming - the classic heterosexual?)

On 20 September 2009, David Jones at the Mail on Sunday, tells us of the tangled private life of the murdered Honorary Consul.

According to the Mail on Sunday article:

John Terry MBE was Britain's Honorary Consul in Jamaica.

In September 2009, John Terry was murdered.

He was aged 64.

One acquaintance gave Terry the nickname ‘Lionel Blair’.

Terry lived in a simple farmhouse in Mount Carey, a poor village containing shanty bars.

Terry, who was twice married, was rather a camp character.

He liked to pick up young West Indian males for casual sex.

He had numerous male lovers.

One of these was Desmond, whom Terry met on a beach when Desmond was 16.

When Terry was murdered, the killer left a note referring to Terry as a ‘Batty Boy’, a term meaning gay.

Two other homosexuals, a politician and a priest, were also recently murdered.

The founder of Jamaica’s gay rights lobby was stabbed to death five years ago.

Jamaica,violence,guns,politics,crime,Jamaican - Click here for more blooper videos

Jamaican homophobia is thought to be caused by 'Sodom and Gomorrah Christianity' and laws introduced in colonial times.

Several reggae stars have produced homophobic lyrics inciting violence against gays.

John Terry was from a military family. His grandfather won the VC for bravery in the Zulu War.

His father, Charles Terry, was an RAF squadron leader.

His older brother, Peter, 67, is a retired army major.

In his mid- 20s John Terry got a job in a top hotel on the western tip of gay Jamaica.

This hotel was favoured by stars such as Harrison Ford, Ralph Lauren and David Bowie.

John Terry gave a lot of time to supporting charities, and helping people.

The Jamaicans appointed him as a Justice of the Peace, and this meant that he came in contact with a lot of Jamaicans.

His neighbours might not questioned why he sometimes came home in the evening accompanied by a young male.


According to Desmond, John Terry was part of a group of wealthy, white expats in Montego Bay who like the company of young Jamaican boyfriends, or 'coconut Rastas'.

The expats meet these young males at gay pick-up haunts, such as beaches and bars.

Occasionally, the white ‘sugar daddies’ go to the Hip Strip, where there are male prostitutes.

Jamaica is dangerous.

Jamaica has around 1,600 murders a year.

In March, 2008, expat Briton, Barbara Scott-Jones, 61, was murdered in the hills above Montego Bay, allegedly by her former boyfriend.

What did Ian Fleming find so attractive about Jamaica?

According to an article entitled Bigots are buggers :

"Research by US psychologists suggests that 80% of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings.

"The research results were published in the prestigious Journal of Abnormal Psychology, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

"In tests conducted by Prof. Henry E Adams of the University of Georgia, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device - a plethysmograph.

"Prof. Adams says his research shows that most homophobes 'demonstrate significant sexual arousal to homosexual erotic stimuli', suggesting that homophobia is a form of 'latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of or deny their homosexual urges'."


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