Saturday, September 26, 2009


"Ohio Mayor In Cross-Dressing Scandal!"

Allegations "that the federal government covered up evidence that its key witness in a wide-reaching investigation of corruption in Alaska politics engaged in sexual trysts with underage girls." - Kott motion to dismiss details witness's involvement in sex scandal

"Among the titbits in the diary, meticulously kept by one of France's top spy chiefs, was the content of wiretaps in which Mr Sarkozy's first wife discusses his infidelities with her best friend." - Sex, scandal and spies as Sarkozy smear case begins

"East Cleveland police and city employees face tough questions after racy pictures, allegedly of their mayor, are leaked to the media.

"Nearly two four pictures were sent to Fox 8 and other media outlets, showing a man in various poses, wearing women's lingerie, and makeup...some were too graphic to air. The anonymous person who sent them, claims they are of East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer. Brewer will not say whether the pictures are of him." - Mayor Brewer: Police Dept. Leaked Racy Photos

"SMH online part of the Fairfax group said that Arie Scher was head of a child prostitution ring, and the group recruited girls as young as nine years old and organized sex parties with the children for Israeli tourists.

"One of the child prostitutes was questioned by Brazilian police and led them to the home of a Hebrew language teacher in Rio, Georges Schteinberg, where police seized photographs of hundreds of naked children and videos taken at sex parties with the children.

"Viewing the videos, police officials recognized the swimming pool and deck of the Israeli consul, Arie Scher, which was the scene of many of the sex parties. In Schteinberg’s home, police said they found 12 videos, internet messages and 154 pictures, including the shots of naked girls in Scher’s apartment." - American secrets, Mossad spies and sex, sex, sex


MICHAEL HESS "was spotted by the leaders of Ronald Reagan's Republican Party and brought into the White House.

"As a rising star of the Republican National Committee, he masterminded the party's electoral strategy, brokering the redistricting (gerrymandering) reforms that kept them in power for over a decade.

"When George Bush Senior became president, he made Michael his Chief Legal Counsel...

"Michael Hess was gay...

"By the late 1980s, Mike found himself embarking on ever-more-frequent lost weekends in the gay bars and clubs of Washington and other cities." - Stolen from his mother - and sold to the highest bidder Mail Online

"The spoiled favourite granddaughter of a Jewish financier close to the royals, Edwina Ashley was the richest and most glamorous deb of her time...

"She even dallied with conductor Malcolm Sargent, and then embarked on her most adventurous affair to date, with the bisexual West Indian cabaret pianist Leslie Hutchinson...

"There are those who suspect that Nehru, like both Mountbattens, had bisexual tendencies, and that Dickie, in a last attempt to establish physical intimacy with his unresponsive wife, may have joined them in a physical menage a trois." - A spicy menage a trois: The shocking love triangle between Lord ...


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