Thursday, September 03, 2009

Lunch with the FT: Michael Jackson

Photo by Dtarazona

La Neverland Jungle Lodge is 3 hours by canoe down the Napo river from the town of Coca.

It is located within the Yasuni National Park.

Michael, looking darkly sun-tanned, greets us and escorts us to a sheltered table in a corner of the large garden.

We start our lunch, paid for by the Fortaleza Times, with empanada stuffed with meat, onions, egg, olives and raisins.

"You are not at the Great Mausoleum at the Forest Lawn cemetery, in Los Angeles?" I ask Michael.

"Not really," says Michael. And he changes the subject to 'doctors'.

Michael, who uses the internet to keep up with the news, complains that CIA doctors have been involved in the torture of 'innocent' people at Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and other US detention sites.

He also notes that there has been unpleasant behaviour at the US embassy in Kabul.

"They accused me of being odd," says Michael, "but these guys working for the US government have been eating potato chips out of but cracks; and drinking vodka shots out of but cracks."


Our second course consists of grilled tilapia served with rice, Ecuadorian salsa of onions tomatoes and olive oil topped with naranjilla sauce.

The wine is Chateau Margaux 1787.

Michael tells me that Nelson Mandela has come out in support of the release of Al Megrahi.

Michael has been reading about Henry Kissinger and suggests that US foreign policy is always realpolitik.

The USA worked with Stalin during World War II and has worked with various Moslem extremists, points out Michael.

And soon it is time for coffee, served by some very young Ecuadorians.

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims

Clinton orders inquiry into alleged abuse at US embassy in Kabul ...


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