Monday, September 07, 2009

A Love Story


Michael Moore's latest documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, got tumultuous applause at the Venice film festival.

According to a leaked Citibank report, America is now a modern-day "plutonomy" where the top 1% of the population control 95% of the wealth.

Moore points out that Goldman Sachs, the chief bad guys, were the largest private contributor to the Obama campaign.

According to Moore, capitalism is un-Christian and un-American.

Source: Capitalism: A Love Story



constant gina said...

leave him alone...he is

Ryan Biddulph said...

Capitalism has given Moore his money, fame, and platform. He wouldn't have had this level of success in a non-capitalist country.

Capitalism is a blessing. Capitalists have donated vast amounts to charity, created countless jobs, and have afforded societies a culture of convenience.


McGonagall said...

The US could be described as a banana republic - except they don't grow banana's.

Penny said...

'capitalism' or what passes for it in our modern day society is the same as in the past, exploitation, nepotism, cronyism.

The uber rich, the 1 or 2 percentile hang on to what they have, and manipulate the system to take everyone elses away.

The system, as it is, deserves every bit of criticism heaped on it and more.

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