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How sane, balanced, and happy are the people of the United States of America?

How sane, balanced, and happy are the people of the United States of America?

Dr Max Lüscher (born 1923 in Switzerland) is the Swiss psychotherapist who developed the Luscher Color Test to test moods, feelings and attitudes: or The Luscher Color Test

Luscher, in his book The 4-Color Person (published by Pocket Books), describes what we may be like, if we are not happy and balanced.

He describes the following types of unbalanced people:


The good natured angel is in favour of Americans going in to Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam, in order to bring 'civilisation' to the peoples of these countries.

Good natured angels put aside their own need for intimacy and do 'good deeds', expecting their victims to enslave themselves in eternal gratitude and devotion.

The good-natured angel needs to learn to avoid exaggerated self-sacrifice if they want to find contentment (represented by the colour BLUE)


The dissasatisfied devil distrusts certain foreigners and is in favour of active intervention by the USA in various parts of the world.

The dissatisfied devil frequently shifts alliances; he supports the Taliban and then opposes them; he supports Saddam and then wants him toppled; he supports Musharraf and then undermines him.

Dissatisfied devils do not know how to achieve relaxed closeness (possibly because of a disturbance in their relationships with their mothers).

They don't have the solid foundations of trust and devotion which can ultimately outlast all sensitivities and conflicts.

They seem incapable of being content with their existing partner.

The dissatisfied devil needs to learn about relaxed closeness, moderation, and contentment (represented by the colour BLUE)

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The conceited peacock is in favour of America ruling the world.

Beneath the arrogance lies stupidity.

Conceited peacocks may suffer from impotence or frigidity.

Sex functions as a means of dominating their mates.

They think they are very conscientious, but often they don't do anything.

The conceited peacock needs to learn to be less bossy, less stubborn and less overrating.

They need to learn to be more noble and fair (represented by GREEN)


The agile serpent favours false flag operations.

The agile serpent is the hidden other side of the conceited peackock.

The agile serpent has secret self doubts.

The agile serpent may take a lover, in order to be more independent of their wife/husband. Or because they find their existing partner is not absolutely perfect.

The serpent needs to be less of a mocking, agile snake.

The serpent's inferiority complex will disappear as they become more noble and fair (represented by the colour GREEN)


The pompous showoff likes the idea of large houses, large cars, and large armies.

They like to impress others.

They will choose their partners for social reasons, to impress society. They judge a relationship by its market value.

When things go wrong, the pompous showoff becomes a tormented martyr.

When the pompous showoff has some REAL achievements, unrelated to impressing the herd, then they will gain genuine self confidence (represented by the colour RED) and not need to be pompous and boasting.


Tormented martyrs are prepared put up with their country suffering in Vietnam, or Iraq or Afghanistan.

Tormented martyrs are prepared to put up with rigged elections and corrupt leaders.

Tormented martyrs swim in self-pity.

They turn every joy into a duty.

They enjoy being tragic heroes.

Instead of using their abilities, and increasing their self-confidence, they founder in passivity.

To gain self-confidence (represented by the colour RED), the martyr must stop being passive and instead be ready for peaceful achievement and peaceful challenge.


Expectant visionaries support Obama.

Expectant visionaries defend themselves against reality by reinterpreting reality.

They are romantics and approach a new mate full of enthusiasm.

However the mate becomes less attractive sexually once he/she becomes a familiar reality for them.

Just when genuine love ought to develop, visionaries lose interest in their mate and look for something new.

Visionaries enjoy travel, in the hope of finding new illusions.

They live for the future, or the past, but cannot live in the present.

They are wishful thinkers.

But when they become disillusioned, they become Armoured Knights.

The visionaries will lose their restlessness by being more realistic and developing themselves in a happy, free and light-hearted manner (represented by YELLOW).


The armoured knight supports the military.

The armoured knight seeks safety and security once they have taken a lot of disappointments.

They are filled with distrust. They may be paranoid.

They require order.

They may take up a creed which supports crusades, inquisitions and wars.

They may distrust their mates and be filled with jealousy.

The armoured knight can become less pedantic and less compulsive by developing themselves in a happy, free and light-hearted manner (represented by YELLOW).

What should Americans do, in order to become more balanced?

The balanced type is:

A. Noble, charitable, flexible and fair (green)

B. Moderate, peace-loving and content (blue)

C. Self confident as a result of his/her achievements (red)

D. Happy, light-hearted and independent as a result of self development and not clinging to worldly goods. (yellow)


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