Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fascists, Zionists and Mafias

1. In the 1930's, many of the top people in the USA and UK saw Hitler as being in many senses useful because he opposed the Jews who ran communist Russia.

Most of the top Communists who took over Russia in 1917-20 were Jews.

These included Leon Trotsky, Yakov Sverdlov, Grigori Zinoviev, Karl Radek, Maxim Litvinov Lev Kamenev and Moisei Uritsky. Lenin's maternal grandfather was a Jew. Stalin was Joseph David Djugashvili and Djugashvili means son of a Jew. Stalin's wives were Jewish (Stalin's 3 Jewish Wives )

According to Lord Lloyd, in 1939, Hitler protected "traditional institutions and habits" from communism.

Hitler's fascism helped keep the Christian feudal system in place.

2. But, in 1939, Hitler made the Nazi-Soviet Pact with Stalin.

This showed that fascists and Jews could do a deal.

According to George Hallam, of the Greenwich Business School: "by making a pact with Germany, Stalin was able to destroy Hitler’s credibility as a bulwark against Bolshevism.

"Overnight Stalin did more to undermine Hitler's influence in ruling western circles than had been done by years of lectures and sermons on 'the evils of Nazism'." (German-Soviet pact was brilliant strategic coup)

3. In June 1941, Hitler invaded Russia.

The top people in the USA and UK were soon to become friends with the Jewish communists in Russia.

At the 1943 Teheran Conference, Roosevelt held secret meetings with Stalin. Roosevelt suggested that the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, and the eastern portion of Poland should remain under Soviet rule. (ROOSEVELT AND STALIN: THE FAILED COURTSHIP)

4. By 1945-6, it was clear that the US and UK were no longer officially friends of Stalin.

In 1949, Golda Meir, who was born in Russia, became Israel's ambassador to the Soviet Union.

Reportedly, she made a secret cooperation deal with the Russians. Both the Soviet Union and Israel were to exchange intelligence reports. (Israel's Secret Pact With Russia - Forums of Pravda.Ru)

A large number of the Soviet spies who stole secrets from the USA were people of Jewish origin. (Zionist Spies Against America)

5. After 1945, the fascists continued to be powerful.

The sort of top people who, in the 1930s, had been fans of fascism, were still around.

Many Nazis came to work for the Pentagon. In 1946, President Truman agreed to "Project Paperclip," a program to bring German scientists and spies to America.

In 1954, "the most powerful men in the world met for the first time under the auspices of the Dutch royal crown and the Rockefeller family in the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg of the small Dutch town of Oosterbeck."

Some Bilderbergers are reported to have fascist links.

Viscount Etienne Davignon is, or has been, honorary chairman of Bilderberg.

Reportedly, a witness has linked him to the Dutroux Affair.

Witness X2 noted: "Parties with underage girls in the Cromwel hotel in Knokke. Present: Delvoie - Karel - X2 - Lippens - Van Gheluwe - Etienne Davignon. The girls knew where to go and with whom. Lippens hits the little girls. Several meetings between Karel and Davignon in the Memling hotel with the two Lippens." (187) (PEHI - Beyond the Dutroux Affair)

Reportedly, NATO has gone in for fascist-style activity. (NATO's secret armies linked to terrorism?)

6. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, some things appear to have changed.

There appear to be signs of an alliance of Zionists and Fascists and Mafia-style groups.

Any attempt to create a One World Order is likely to be as successful as Hitler's attempt to defeat the Soviet Union.

The Ndrangheta is unlikely to join up with the Sacra Corona Unita.


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