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Louis XIII

Louis XIII is a central figure in Alexandre Dumas, père's novel, The Three Musketeers

Louis XIII (1601-1643), as a child, was "deprived of maternal tenderness, frequently whipped, and usually in bad health." (Louis XIII of France: Biography from

Louis became king of France in 1610, at the age of eight and a half.

Charles d'Albert de Luynes

Louis, who was reportedly gay, developed an emotional attachment to Charles d'Albert de Luynes (1578-1621) who entered his service in 1611.

Louis married the Spanish princess, Anne of Austria, in 1615.

Louis occasionally slept with his wife, out of a sense of duty.


Louis had a number of male favourites.

The last of them was the young Henri d'Effiat de Cinq-Mars (1620-1642).

In 1642, Louis had Cinq-Mars executed for political reasons.

Tallemant des Réaux speculated in his writings about what happened in the king's bed.

Reportedly, Louis had a liaison with an equerry, François de Baradas.

Tallemant described how, on a royal journey, the king "sent M. le Grand to undress, who returned, adorned like a bride. 'To bed, to bed' he said to him impatiently... and the mignon was not in before the king was already kissing his hands."[8]

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