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According to the Toronto Sunday Star (12 Nov 1988), CIA agent Major Charles McKee became outraged when he discovered that a CIA group, code named COREA, stationed in Germany, was assisting Monzer Al-Kassar's heroin smuggling into the USA.

McKee and his team reported their discovery to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Langley ignored it, so McKee decided to go to the US news media with his evidence.

Lockerbie: Why Did They Die? - Auburn Journal

"A few months after the Lockerbie tragedy, reports surfaced in Lebanon revealing that McKee's travel plans had been leaked to terrorists.

"The implication was that Pan Am Flight 103 was targeted by the CIA because McKee was on his way to expose the CIA's deep involvement in lucrative but illicit heroin, cash and weapons trading.

"Monzer Al-Kassar was a Syrian arms and drug dealer and a known supporter of terrorists. During the Iran-Contra scandal, he received $1.5 million dollars from a Swiss company that was controlled by Albert Hakim and retired Air Force General Richard Secord (according to a ledger kept by Hakim).

"For that $1.5million, Al-Kassar provided over 100 tons of small arms intended for the Contras.

"But the shipment could not be delivered, so the CIA bought it up. Col.Oliver North made the deal.

"When a CIA team dubbed COREA, based in West Germany, tried to emulate North's arms/heroin/cash/hostages deal, it turned to Al-Kassar.

"In return for his help COREA agreed to protect al-Kassar's heroin-smuggling operation from Frankfurt into the United States.

"It is believed that U.S. Customs at JFK International Airport in New York was ordered by CIA to stand down, allowing selected pieces of luggage to pass without inspection for reasons of 'national security'." -G


A YouGov poll shows that, in Scotland, 43% of white collar workers oppose the release of Megrahi.

47% of blue collar workers oppose the release.

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