Saturday, September 12, 2009

Called It My Son

HATOYAMA! "A split is emerging between the United States and Japan over the new Tokyo government's anti-globalisation rhetoric and its threats to end a refueling agreement for US ships in support of the war in Afghanistan."

The election campaign of Yukio Hatoyama, the leader of the Democratic Party of Japan "promised a more 'independent' foreign policy from Washington and closer relations with Asian neighbours, including China." - Tokyo government threatens split with US

CHILD MURDER: "You bring a 12 year-old into Tel Aviv... That kid hits the operating table and he has kidneys, liver, cornea, heart, lung, marrow, etc., and everything removed. That kid is murdered for his organs... The kidnappers get $3,000 a kid, and all the organs can bring $150,000...

"The French 'humanitarian' charity NGO Zoe’s Ark (L’Arche de Zoé) involved in Chad and Darfur is under investigation by the United Nations, France, and Chad for trafficking in black children in the widely under-reported 'L'Arche de Zoé affair.'...

"Chad President Idriss Deby feigns outrage while Israeli mercenaries use his country to raid Darfur's outlying villages. The Israelis mercenaries use Hind helicopters with fuel air bombs, level remote villages, and the UN blames the Arab leaders of the oil rich Sudan." - Kids Being Grabbed Out Of Refugee Camps

The Palestinian Holocaust Museum Is Now Online

UK CAR INDUSTRY AND SEX: "The lover of one of MG Rover's directors was paid an 'excessive' £1.6million in the months before it collapsed...

"Doctor Qu Li, a consultant, was in an 'intimate relationship' with engineering boss Nick Stephenson, according to a long-awaited report into the firm's demise.

"The 850-page document revealed the car plant's directors also paid themselves 'unreasonably large' salaries and made more than £40million over the five years. - Disgraced MG Rover boss paid lover £1.6m as company headed towards collapse

EU MP: U.S. Government Lied About 9/11

'I took some flesh home and called it my son.' Victims' families tell their stories following Nato airstrike in Afghanistan



Ringleader of Liquid Bomb plot protected by people in government.


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