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Boy forced to shoot and skin a horse he considered to be his only friend.

Sexual abuse was common at Bindoon Boys Town, in Australia.

The boys called their Catholic guardians the 'Christian Buggers'.

In 2001, an inquiry into Bindoon, by the Australian Senate (The sad truth behind Britain's lost children ), was told about:

1. Rape.

2. Children scrambling for breadcrumbs on the floor.

3. A boy being forced to shoot and skin a horse he considered to be his only friend.

In the two decades after World War II, the UK government took around 10,000 children from UK Children's Homes and sent them to Australia.

Many of these children were to become a form of slave labour.

Some of the children ended up at Bindoon Boys Town.

At Bindoon there were regular floggings and there was regular child sexual abuse.

Former Bindoon boy John Hennessy speaks with a stutter.

He recalls being stripped naked and publicly flogged at Bindoon.

Mick Snell, who was sent to the Methodists Dalmar House in Sydney, says: "A lot are starting to top themselves... I dream I'm back there and I'm locked up, being verbally abused and whacked. I wake up in a cold sweat." (The sad truth behind Britain's lost children)

Snell had to get up before 4am to milk the cows and had to work until dark.

"You had no one to turn to," says Snell.

Outsiders would take some boys out for the day.

"I know for a fact they were rock spiders (paedophiles). The kids that were involved, they didn't like talking about it," says Snell.

At Bindoon there was no teaching and several former inmates are illiterate.


Barnardos behaved badly. (Barnardo's faces Canada action - From The Guardian, 19 June 2002)

"Barnardo's, the UK's biggest children's charity, is accused in a £400m lawsuit of shipping destitute children before the second world war to work as farm labourers in Canada.

"A class action launched at Ontario's superior court alleges the charity sent youngsters to Canada even though some still had parents living in Britain.

"Many were sent without the consent, or even the knowledge, of their parents.

"The older ones went as indentured labourers to Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

"Many of those who were 'migrated', between 1870 and 1939, were subsequently abused.

"The action was launched on behalf of 86-year-old Harold Vennell, of Windsor, Ontario, who was shipped to Canada at the age of 14.

"He had been a Barnardo's boy since 1923, when he became ill with rickets and his single mother could not look after him.

"Mr Vennell claims he ended up on an Ontario farm working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, was given meagre food and was abused."


Rapes and murders in Canadian boarding schools; thousands died.

aangirfan: Jersey Child Abuse and the Jersey Police

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I knew a couple of Bernardo Boys in Canada - dead now. It's all true.

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