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Hospital by Mike Blyth

When a boy is very sick he needs intensive care in a good hospital.

Some kids in the UK are very sick in terms of their behaviour.

But they are not getting intensive care.

Too often, Britain's schools, media and criminal justice system seem to be very sick indeed.

Too often, these institutions appear to be run by fools and crooks.

Many UK families seem sick.

The top people, busy looting and pillaging, appear not to give a damn.

Bhutanese boys are generally well behaved. Photo by Keith Mason

On 19 September the Daily Mail had a report entitled: Feral youths: How a generation of violent, illiterate young men are living outside the boundaries of civilised society

Here are some of the points from the article:

1. According to the head of Scotland Yard's Violent Crime directorate, 'Serious youth violence is the biggest problem we have today...'

The number of violent crimes carried out by children and teenagers has increased by a third over a period of three years.

2. Many UK kids can barely read and write.

63% of white boys from low-income families are unable to read and write properly at 14.

54% of black boys from low income families cannot read or write properly at 14.

A black car mechanic, in his 50s, said: 'Back in the Caribbean, we were taught the three Rs, but that's gone out of the window. After that, everything breaks down.'

When the mechanic left school, he could pick from a range of factory jobs and apprenticeships. All gone now, he said.

In recent decades, the UK has closed down a lot of manufacturing industry.

And there has been a growth of immigration.

This has particularly affected white and black Caribbean boys from poor backgrounds.

Call centres, and other service sector jobs, require personal and social skills.

3. Fifteen year old Tuggy Tug has a young single mother.

She never disciplined him because he was ' bringing home the bacon' - up to £200 a day from running errands for older drug dealers.

On 21 September 2009, the Daily Mail had a Machetes by the door, drugs on the table - and mothers paid by the state to have babies with men they barely know. What HAVE we done to the British family?

Here are some points from the Mail:

1. In the UK, mothers are 'paid by the state to have babies with men they barely know.'

2. Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe, with 90% of births occurring outside marriage.

3. Babies born to teenage mothers are 60% more likely to die in their first year, compared with those born to other parents.

4. 72% of children born to single mothers of any age will grow up in poverty.

5. More than a quarter of British children are now raised in single-parent families - and nine out of ten of them are headed by women.

6. According to research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Children with one parent, are more likely to have behavioural problems, to do less well at school, have sex earlier, suffer from depression and turn to drugs and heavy drinking.

According to evidence from the U.S., they are more likely to get involved with gangs and crime.

7. Four out of ten of these children will have no contact at all with their fathers by the age of three. For many boys, their first experience of spending any significant time with adult males is when they enter prison.

On 22 September, the Daily Mail had an article entitled: Lazy, illiterate teachers, cynical heads who have given up, and pupils who treat them with contempt.

Here are some of the points:

1. What is going wrong in primary schools?

A school inspector remarked: 'The child is put in a corner, surrounded by books and assumed to be able to read by osmosis.'

2. At most primary schools, children sit at tables scattered about the classroom. And they chat. There is an element of chaos.

The typical primary schools tends not to give intensive care to children who have not learnt to read or write.

3. At age 14, Darren was barely able to read and write.

He, and nine of his school chums, got involved in trashing bus shelters, stealing and selling cocaine.

Half the time, the police would let them go; otherwise they usually got away with a £50 fine.

Now Darren lives on benefits, despite being obviously bright.

Two of of his school chums are dead - one committed suicide in prison and the other smashed a stolen car into a bus shelter at 80mph.

Two are serving long prison sentences - one for stabbing someone in the neck.

The fifth is a 'very bad' alcoholic.

Three control the drug scene in the town.

Darren's closest friend, a gifted football player, is homeless and hooked on crack.

Arthur English as his 'Spiv' character

David Cameron could be the next leader of the UK.

Is he a bit of a fake, like, allegedly, Bush, Blair, Obama and many others?

David Cameron

PETER OBORNE in the Daily Mail, 11 July 2009, writes: Amoral spiv or true traditional Tory? Will the REAL Cameron please stand up

Among the points made:

1. Cameron is a bit of a spiv.

2. Osborne writes: "This is someone who is at ease with the more louche elements of London's media world and who, before entering Parliament, worked in corporate affairs for the controversial media mogul Michael Green."

(Reportedly, Green is Jewish and has East European origins)

3. Cameron privately boasts that he is the 'heir to Blair'.

(Allegedly, Blair is a war criminal)

4. Cameron's press secretary is Andy Coulson.

Coulson's previous job was as editor Rupert Murdoch's News of the World.

When Coulson was editor, "some of his subordinates were operating in a criminal manner".

Samantha Cameron, wife of David Cameron.

David Cameron's wife is Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield, who is thought to be related to Nell Gwyn, mistress of King Charles II.

(Samantha Cameron - Wikipedia / BBC NEWS Samantha Cameron /Samantha Cameron The Guardian )


Samantha's parents split up after five years of marriage and her mother married again, to William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor, a minister in John Major's government.

Samantha's sister Emily was expelled from Marlborough College in 1991 after drugs were found in her dormitory.

David Cameron reportedly has taken drugs in the past. (Cameron DID smoke cannabis Mail Online )

Samantha studied fine art at Bristol Polytechnic

During her days at university, she was friends with hip hop star "Tricky".


Samantha's ankle is adorned with a dolphin tattoo.

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