Saturday, August 01, 2009

Young student writes about his love life.

The classic MI5 officer, David Shayler.

Emails, written by a 23-year-old Pakistani student, appear to refer to several girlfriends.

The messages, intercepted by the UK security services, allegedly show that an extremist cell in Manchester was communicating with a commander in Pakistan to execute an Easter bombing campaign.

(Cars and girls: email 'codewords' that put MI5 on terrorist alert.)

The eight emails were presented in evidence to a special hearing before a high court judge to decide whether the men should be deported.

A coded message? Image from:

Some extracts (Manchester 'terror plot' emails):

I saw a slight glimpse of Huma day before yesterday but she was very weak and difficult to convince.

Nadia is more gorgeous than Huma at the moment and she is easy to befriend….Nadia is crystal clear girl and it wont take long to relate with her...

About my Girl friend. As I told you about Huma’s affair. Nadia is still waiting for my response. She is very loyal and She has created a place in my heart.

You know Gulnaz and Fozia. WOW man. I would love to get them in my friends list but you know I have been thinking about their abilities.

Gulnaz sounds ok but she is found [sic] of money. Fozia is some times bull shit. She lets you down sometime.

I am still keeping my car because most of the jobs they ask for it and other reason is you know girls mostly like guys with car...

Note the message in code!

You know what girls are like. I am bore of being bachelor now LOL [laughs out loud] so I would try to make it happen in the near future.

I will be careful about my choice because your whole family life depends upon the decision...

I met with Nadia family and we both parties have agreed to conduct the nikah [wedding] after 15th and before 20th of this month.

I am delighted that they have strong family values and we will have many guests attending the party. Anyways I wished you could be here as well to enjoy the party.

MI5 believe that the student was using the girls’ names Huma, Nadia, Gulnaz and Fozia to refer to different bomb-making chemicals.

Their "abilities" and "letting you down" refer to how efficient the chemicals were.

The security service feared that a reference to “girls mostly like guys with car” referred to a possible car bomb and the constant reference to weddings and parties, to the attack itself.


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Montyone said...

Those intelligence - agencies are such divine exquisite elite and they will breed on colourfull and oohso beautyfull with them old bankers!

Actually they should stop being filthmongering-dirtslurping ego-boring whiny cowards,that non-stop force their pathetic delusions on animals,people & families EVERY FUCKING time (allegedly ), wasting the earth - old moron style!

I could even feel near sorry for all of them and their amazing "NWO" finally starting/ shaping /withdrawing (NEVER NEEEVR!! )" disguised in the open" ( way anybody could ever imagine such CONSPIRACY).
And finesse is involved - war and killing poor people plus MK..truely fascinating stuff!

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