Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Scotland's Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill did not say

John Mosey, whose 19-year-old daughter Helga was on Pan Am Flight 103, said:

"It seems clear to me that some sort of deal was done between Libya, Britain and America to get Megrahi to drop his appeal.

"We know that these [trade deals] go on ... but if they come at the price of truth and justice, then I'm afraid we no longer live in a civilised society.

"It's obscene. If that is the case here, which does seem likely, it stinks."

(Lockerbie: now it's payback time)

What Scotland's Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill did not say at the time of Megrahi's release:

"Look folks, we all know that the CIA and its friends were the people who brought down PanAm 103 and that the Lockerbie trial was rigged.

"But if we tell the truth about this, it will make Scotland and Scottish justice look pretty corrupt.

"And, more importantly, you can imagine the effect that the truth about the CIA would have on our trade with the USA.

"Scotland might suffer from a CIA destabilisation campaign: bombs might go off in five star hotels, in discos and in buses and trains.

"We all know that Gordon Brown wants Megrahi released, so that all these oil deals will succeed.

"So, to prevent a lot of trouble, a deal has been done.

"Megrahi gives up his appeal and we make it clear that we think he is guilty. That is supposed to please the Americans.

"We release Megrahi, and that is supposed to allow British trade deals with Libya to go ahead."

Trade deal linked to Lockerbie bomber's release

Colonel Gaddafi's son, Seif al Islam travelled to Scotland to accompany Megrahi back to Libya.

Seif al Islam said on Libyan TV that Megrahi's release was linked to trade deals.

"In all commercial contracts, for oil and gas with Britain, [Megrahi] was always on the negotiating table," Mr Islam said in interview to Libyan TV channel Al Mutawassit taped on the flight back to Tripoli.

"All British interests were linked to the release of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi," he added.

Lockerbie: now it's payback time

On 21 August 2009, Col Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, said that Megrahi's release was linked to trade deals with Britain involving:

1. British oil,

2. gas and water treatment companies,

3. banks, security contractors,

4. tobacco firms

5. women's high-street clothing stores

BP signed a deal with Libya for a $900m joint venture. (Lockerbie: now it's payback time)

Libya has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa, at 42 billion barrels.

"The potential is very large," said a spokesman for BP. "There's a lot of hope that new resources will be found there. You could be looking at an investment of $20bn over a couple of decades."

Libya has $5bn to invest in Africa and wants British joint venture partners to match investment in hotels, oil and mineral extraction and banks.

British high-street retailers are moving in to Libya: Next will join Marks & Spencer, Bhs and Monsoon Accessorize. (Lockerbie: now it's payback time)



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Excellent. At least someone tells it as it is.

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Even though he is dying,he should not be trusted and he should still be monitored.

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