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The USA's top selling magazine is Reader's Digest.

Apparently, Reader's Digest has links to the CIA.

Reader’s Digest was reportedly used by the CIA to help create conditions for the 9 11 1973 overthrow of Chile's democratically-elected President Allende.

(`Reader's Digest''s Hidden History--Part 2)

The Digest's worldwide circulation, including all editions, has reached 21 million copies, and over 100 million readers.

"American Dreamers," is a book from former Reader's Digest managing editor Peter Canning.

Canning relates how the CIA fed content to the Digest.

Reader's Digest had many pro-Vietnam War editorials.

(SALON Daily Clicks Sneak Peeks)

John Heidenry’s book "Theirs Was The Kingdom" relates that Reader's digest has been used as a tool of the CIA since 1948.

According to "Unreliable Sources: A Guide To Detecting Bias In News Media" by Martin Lee and Norman Solomon, "It was rather convenient that people like…Eugene Lyons of Reader’s Digest sat on the board of directors of the National Committee for a Free Europe (NCFE), which functioned as a thinly-veiled private-section cover for channeling funds to neo-Nazi émigré groups…" and "other NCFE board members included CIA director Allen Dulles…"

On 20 August 2009, The Economist has an article entitled: Reader's Digest declares bankruptcy: Unsexy and unsuccessful.

On 17 August 2009, the Reader’s Digest Association, the publisher of the Reader's Digest, said it would seek bankruptcy protection.

It needs to restructure $2.2 billion in debt.

In the 1970s the Digest sold as many as 18m copies a month.

Circulation now stands at 8.2m in America.

The National Geographic appears to have become the mouthpiece of the CIA?

The National Geographic's video on Lockerbie fails to tell us that the Lockerbie 'timer' may have been planted, and that Major Charles McKee reportedly wanted to blow the whistle on Operation Corea.

Just before 9 11, the National geographic was preparing maps and an article on Afghanistan.

If you want to know which countries the Pentagon is about to invade, look at the National Geographic.

The edition of the magazine, dated November 2004, has an article on the Geography of Terror.

The article, written by Walter Laqueur who recently retired from the Kissinger Chair at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, seems full of obvious disinformation.

The article refers to a number of countries:

Ireland – the article fails to mention US financing of terror groups, and the allegation that most of the worst incidents were the work of the UK security services.

Europe – the article fails to mention the CIA links to the terror which hit Italy in the 1980s.

Remember the bombs in railway stations that ‘were the work of fascist groups with CIA connections’.

Indonesia – the article fails to mention (1) the CIA terror used to topple President Sukarno and then President Suharto (2) the US training of the generals who have been associated with terror in East Timor, the Spice Islands and elsewhere (3) the links between the US trained Indonesian military and ‘Moslem’ terror groups such as Laskar Jihad (4) the alleged involvement of the Indonesian military in the Bali bomb.

Palestine – the article does not make it clear that (1) the Palestinians were driven from their land by Jewish terrorist groups (2) the Israelis initially aided Hamas in order to weaken Arafat (3) the USA supports Israel in its occupation of Palestinian land and defiance of UN resolutions and in its possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq – the article fails to mention the body of evidence that Saddam was a CIA agent and was put into power by the USA.

Al Qaeda – the article promotes the myth of al Qaeda. It fails to mention (1) the bin Laden links to the Bush family (2) bin Laden’s Jewish mother (3) bin Laden’s death in December 2001 (4) the controlled explosions that brought down the Twin Towers on 9 11 (5) the training of the alleged hijackers at US military bases.


kenny said...

Even before the CIA came into being, Readers Digest was propagandizing the American people.

They introduced the 6m holocaust number in Feb. 1943 in an article by a jewish hollywood screenwriter, Ben Hecht.

Franz said...

CIA took over the US unions in the 60s but it took till almost the 80s to grab control of ALL the media. Even then Rupert Murdoch had to bribe Reagan to let his filthy self become an official, CIA-stooge American media mogul.

Ethnic-specific weapons are useless. We need an occupation-specific Black Plague for everyone in the Spook & Screw business. Till then the majority can think and do what they want, the spys and goons will run the world. Like now, only worse, and forever.

Unknown said...

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