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Susilo Bangbang Yudhoyono and friend.

Obama has not yet been to Indonesia.

Reportedly, there has been a plot to kill Indonesia's President Yudhoyono.

On 8 July 2009, at a house in Bekasi, 12 minutes drive from the president's house, "two suspected militants were killed and three were arrested" during a police raid.

(Indonesian Police Kill 2 Suspected Militants Outside Jakarta, Find 500 kg of Bombs)

One of the men killed in the raid was identified as ex-prisoner Air Setiawan.

Air Setiawan was jailed for his role in the Australian Embassy bombing in 2004.

He was released from jail in 2007.

The Indonesian military is said to hate Australians because of their intervention in East Timor.

The main victims in so many of the terror attacks in Indonesia have been Australians.

Confusion surrounds fate of terrorist Noordin /Jakarta bomb suspect death in doubt

The Jakarta Post reports that the Police have foiled a plot to kill the Indonesian president

"National Police chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri said the terror group intentionally rented a house in Jatiasih in the West Java town of Bekasi, which is located 12 minutes drive from the president’s private residence in Cikeas in the West Java town of Bogor."

'Why Jatiasih? Because it is situated just about 12 minutes drive from the president’s [private] residence. It’s a legal fact that the target is the president’s house,' Bambang told a media conference on 8 August 2009.

Reportedly, in Indonesia, certain right-wing generals are not very happy with President Susilo Yudhoyono, who is a former general, and a little bit of a reformer.

In Indonesia, in the first half of 2009, there was a presidential election campaign, involving at least 4 generals, including Susilo Yudhoyono, Prabowo and Wiranto.

Reportedly, some of the military have had an 'Anyone But Susilo Yudhoyono' campaign.

The generals are usually allied to the rich elite; and that apparently suits the Pentagon.

Tempo Magazine (No. 24/IX February 10-16, 2009) (SBY vs The TNI: War of Whispers [+Editorial: After the ABS Rumor] )tells us:

"RUMORS abound that presidential candidates from the ranks of retired generals are making use of their ex-subordinates' loyalty to form political lobbies...

"PRESIDENTIAL spokesperson Andi Mallarangeng confirmed that the information on military notables who had been engaged in the 'Anyone but 'S' for President' or ABS campaign did enter the Palace..."

In early 2009, "Army Chief of Staff, General Agustadi Sasongko Purnomo gathered around 200 retired generals in the Balai Kartini in Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta.

"Present were, among others, former Army Chief of Staff, Gen. (ret) Ryamizard Ryacudu..."

Reportedly, at the time of the Bali bombings, one of the generals who just happened to be in Bali was army chief of staff Gen. Ryamizard Ryacudu. [Jakarta Post, 1/3/2003; Pacific Media Watch, 3/31/2003] (Ryamizard Ryacudu)

Back in November 2004, Susilo Yudhoyono appeared not to be in favour of Ryamizard Ryakudu becoming military chief. ( Source The Jakarta Post)

Yudhoyono "reshuffled Indonesia's top brass in preparation for US-educated army chief Djoko Santoso to take over the military in place of the xenophobic heir apparent General Ryamizard Ryacudu." (Canberra eyes military ties with Jakarta - Military Photos)

Indonesians are not always great fans of the military.

Admiral Dennis Blair, currently director of US national intelligence, reportedly offered the Indonesian military increased assistance at the time when its troops and militias were murdering innocent civilians in East Timor.

(Obama’s Indonesia question )

Admiral Blair presumably is a fan of certain Indonesian generals.

Former general Prabowo Subianto, who heads the Gerindra Party, "has paid lip-service to democratic principles, but most observers believe that his election as president would lead Indonesia onto the path of neo-authoritarianism." (Chaos and consolidation )

(See article by Dirk Tomsa).

General Wiranto "has pledged his loyalty to the democratic system, but leaders of his Hanura Party (People’s Conscience Party) have privately stated their ambition to roll back democratic reforms achieved since 1998." (Chaos and consolidation )

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (left) shakes hands with Chinese President Hu Jintao (thejakartapost.)

Has Indonesia's president, General Yudhoyono, upset the USA?

Has Indonesia's president, General Yudhoyono, upset the USA?

Has Indonesia's president, General Yudhoyono, upset the USA?

This is General Prabowo

Indonesia's General Prabowo "is one of the key sponsors of the US-Indonesia Society, a ... group launched in 1994 and backed by the military, US corporations and former government officials." (Cached )

Indonesia's president, General Yudhoyono, seemed to suggest that the Jakarta hotel bombings of July 2009 might be linked to his political rival, General Prabowo.


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